Monday, February 27, 2017

Oh man I never posted Horizon's launch trailer.

If you hit PlayStation's YouTube channel, you will find a ridiculous number of Horizon trailers right now.  There's a trailer about its narrative systems, there's a trailer about its RPG aspects, the open-ness of its world, it's crafting... it's kinda' silly, at this point - but I really like the launch trailer.

As a rule, I tend to dislike Sony's over-produced launch trailers, but this one I'm quite fond of.  I hate the extra-tribal-ly dancing thing, but I love how it casts Aloy as this legendary figure, idolized by the people of her time, embarking on an epic journey.

I find it a bit strange that she can't seem to shoot a robodino without being under it, first, but I guess it focus-tested well?

Either way, I dig it.

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