Wednesday, February 8, 2017

PTR hints that Doomfist is the next hero coming to Overwatch

So dig this.  This is the payload on Numbani (aka one of my favorite maps because Tracer owns there).

The Numbani payload is just like a hovercar with Doomfist's gauntlet in a glass case on it.  You remember Doomfist's gauntlet, yeah?  The thing Reaper and Widow fight Tracer and Winston over in the game's announcement trailer?

In the files of the recent patch that went up on the PTR, though, there is this unfinished render:

That's the Numbani payload with the glass smashed!  The gauntlet gone!

Doomfist incoming?  (Probably, yes.)

Doomfist voiced by Terry Crews?

God I hope so.

Oh and this is Bastion in action on the PTR.  Not enjoying that buff to his Recon rifle.

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