Saturday, February 4, 2017

Three things

First, I've got a PotG with Rose Tracer in every (good) highlight intro, plus the Lion Dance (which ain't great, imo) - so Lion, Heroic, Serious Business, Just In Time and Backflip - and I don't think I've ever had a harder time putting together a clip show.  Only three of the PotGs are even worth showing.  Maybe I've lost my mojo.

That's not a bad average, actually - none of them are just doubles or lifesavers or something.  I just want this one to be good.

Second, Gravity Rush 2 felt like it was half - or at most, two-thirds - of the way done, and I had put it down on Thursday to prepare for the weekend's return to Overwatch, right before the mission I was on turned into a boss fight.  Sorry, let me correct that.  I had saved right before the mission I was on turned into this spectacular thousand-foot boss fight.  It was phenomenal, and the equal of a similarly epic battle that closed out Act I - and then, upon its completion... the credits began to roll.

And I'm like "what the fuck?!" And the story continues in the comic vignettes that Gravity Rush does so well - but nothing feels resolved, countless questions from this game and the first one remain unanswered and I feel rather cheated.  Then it says "final act" and dumps me back onto the streets with a great sense of relief that everything's not over, yet, and the game still has a few things to say.

Thank goodness.  But I feel like, if there's - let's say - another 10% of game left to go, I'm really gonna' feel like that's not enough.  Maybe it's because I spent most of Act II blitzing the story missions (because Sony took the online off last weekend), but I feel like this game - while spectacular - has less content than the original game on Vita.

Still - not quite enough of a spectacular thing is still spectacular.  Like one of Mendl's little cakes in Grand Budapest.

Third, at work this week, I'm chatting with my boss and his boss, and they bring up the fact that I put periods at the end of my email subject lines.  And I'm like "yeah, so?"

And they tell me there should never be a period in a subject line, and I can't understand why, and they explain that an email's subject line is a title, and thus has no period and I'm like oh my fucking God I've been sending emails and titling my blog posts wrong for EIGHT YEARS.

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