Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chamberlain & Chance 63 : Schadenfreude?

Wiiith Alex!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunes

Chamberlain and Chance - Schadenfreude?


  • Movie talk!  Logan is pretty darned good and Kong is really kinda' not.  But that Baby Driver looks pretty hot, right?
  • Chance is in full Mark of the Ninja/Don't Starve/Dying Light/Overwatch/Darkest Dungeon mode with Horizon: Zero Dawn.  
  • Hollow Knight is pretty sweet, you should check it out!
  • And how long is it gonna' take for Alex to fix is damned PS4?
You'll have to tune in to find out!

Also I wanna' drop the Baby Driver trailer I saw today in there.  I think it's better than the other one that's floatin' around - or at least I like the action shots more. 

And here's the one that's on all the western sites lately: 

Could be hot shit!  Edgar Wright, baby.

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