Thursday, March 16, 2017

GOD YES - Horizon: Zero Dawn story expansion incoming.

NeoGAF's SunhiLegend is indeed a legend.
None of Sunhi's GIFs are on a Pro, by the way.
This is on a normal PS4.

Two weeks after launch, Sony announced today that Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold-through - that is, physical copies actually bought by a consumer (not just shipped to stores), along with digital sales - 2.6 million copies.  Which is a pretty goddamned incredible launch for a new, single-player IP.

So we got a couple of statements - here's (PlayStation boss) Shawn Layden's:
"We knew Horizon Zero Dawn was going to be something special, so to see the incredible critical reaction to a brand new game world translate into this level of sales is really gratifying.  Guerrilla has created a game that is nothing short of exceptional, and the reaction we have seen from fans--from hours and hours of gameplay streaming to endless photo sharing--shows just how impactful it has been."
Here's Guerrilla managing director Herman Hulst:
"We're thrilled that Horizon Zero Dawn has been embraced by critics and players alike. Developing the game was a labor of love, so it's extremely satisfying to see that it elicits the same passion and enthusiasm from the gaming public that we felt during its development."
It really does feel like a labor of love, for the record.  This is like when EA Redwood Shores (Sims ports and Simpsons licensed crap) went and made the game they wanted to make, and produced Dead Space, or when Sucker Punch made inFamous.  I heart it very much.

But anyway - the most important part is buried in the GameSpot article the above quotes come from, towards the bottom.  Specifically,
Hulst also confirmed that Guerrilla is already working on a story expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, though no other details about this were disclosed.

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