Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gravity Rush 2 - Move.

Let it be known, this is just some simple, pure, joy-of-play action.  Nothing fancy, nothing impressive by any stretch, and nothing particularly exciting.  It's just faffing around in the game's first major open area - so one may reasonably wonder why I ever felt compelled to commit this easy breezy footage to YouTube.

I guess it's because, in the second place, Chamberlain's vile slander physically wounds me, right in the cockles.  But I hit the share button and cut it into pretty much what you see, above, weeks ago because - in the first place - after the forty-second load to get into the game when you first boot it up, I could never stop myself from just blasting off into space, launching myself across the game's floating cities, skidding down its urban slopes and swooping around.  It's just fun and fun and then fun again, to me.

It's some pure gaming pleasure.

And of course I keep thinking of all of this shit I shoulda' said to Chamberlain, before he finished the game.  I shoulda' said "think of it as a shooter.  Remember your Nine Inch Nails.  I am the bullet and the gun.  You don't go flying in one direction, stop, aim at where you wanna' go next and then hit the shift button - you put your reticle where you're going to want to shoot when you hit the perfect angle, and then taptap the shift button to immediately change your course.  You do the same thing with gravity kicks against troublesome, fast-moving bosses - shoot past them at a weird angle, turn the camera to the side, behind you, upside-down, whatever and snap down on the attack button as your target zips by the center of the screen..."

Oh well.  Woulda' coulda' shoulda'.

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