Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Music! Souuuuuul.

I tried to expand my musical horizons to... popular music.  I have no idea what's being played on the radio, because I never listen to it.  There could be awesome new music out there, but I'll never know because I don't go looking for it.  I just end up stumbling across stuff I love in twice-yearly Blues trawls, or I'll hear a song over the opening credits of a movie and get super-into a new band.  

So I listened to the UK top 40 and... well, it turns out I don't like popular music very much.  The only one I kinda' dug was Big For Your Boots by Stormzy.  And it's weird how... um... uniform it all was.  Like in the top 40 on the UK charts there are like a half-dozen tracks by Ed Sheeran and four from The Chainsmokers.  I'd never heard an Ed Sheeran song before, and I'm... I'm okay with maintaining my previous Sheeran frequency. 

So my iPod has been rotating, at work lately, through Saint Motel (oh, also, another one of their good ones is Slow Motion), a mix playlist of modern, weird and classic stuff called "A ! Fuckyeah!" and a 4-disc set called "Soul! The Very Best of Motown."

I always scroll about halfway through the playlist, and stop on Shop Around by The Miracles, which you may remember from that Overwatch clip show where I kill a Widow over and over.  

And then...

(There is, naturally, some overlap between the best Soul songs of all time and the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.)

Man, Smokey Robinson sings about being sad while putting on a brave face a lot, doesn't he?

Gettin' a little disco there, Thelma. 

There we go.  Chin up, Smokey!  

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