Thursday, March 2, 2017

Overwatch's next hero is Orisa. She's like a robo-goat-taur tank.

Created by Efi Oladele after a Doomfist attack on Numbani, Orisa has one of the best weapons among any of the tanks - huge range, solid DPS - a static shield with 900hp that she can deploy on a decent cooldown, an ability that lowers any damage she receives and renders her immune to any crowd control ability, an alt-fire that acts like a tiny Zarya Gravitron Surge, and an ult that buffs the damage of every ally in its line of sight.

Here's the official deets on the Overwatch site, here's the PTR patch notes where you can play her  (Bastion's new Ironclad skill now reduces incoming damage by 20% instead of 35%, thank God), and here's some gameplay of her from the PTR!

I have to get to work on a) supper and b) the headlines for the podcast (we're recording tonight) so byeeee!

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