Monday, March 20, 2017

Rumors spontaneously surface about Momodori: RUtM on Vita!

How?  Why and wherefor?

(Playism hearted that last one too.)  So here's hopin'!  A VITA PORT IS BEING CONSIDERED.  Oh, maybe it's worth noting - Playism is Momodora's publisher.

Maybe it's also worth noting - I did not hold my breath for the Vita port.  I checked it out on PS4 because I'm a lying liar.  Who lies.  And lays, when there is a couch of reasonable length available.

And I like it!  Upon completion, I may actually come to love it, but for now I just find it lovely - comfortable and comforting.

Your combat abilities are pretty darned limited, for the most part.  Basically, there are four attacks (and that's reaching a bit!)  You can slash at enemies with the divine maple leaf that is your main weapon - you have (1) a three-hit combo, where the final strike is importantly far more damaging than the two that precede it, (2) a single aerial slash of the leaf that you can execute while airborne that deals heavy damage, (3) shots from your bow, which don't do nearly as much damage as you'd like, and (4) a charged shot from the bow.

The charged bow shots are actually kind of interesting - if you charge it a bit, it does more damage.  If you charge it to max, it will fire three stronger arrows in a gentle spread, and - after unlocking a certain ability - with further charge, you'll fire a perfectly-accurate torrent of arrows in a straight line.  The default control scheme puts the arrow button on R1 - which seems weird, at first - but once you begin charging the powerful arrow shots, if you hold the button down, you can keep it charged up while jumping, dodging or attacking with the leaf (you'll get knocked out of the charge if you take damage).

This allows you to create powerful if simple combos where you'll like charge your shot, jump (X) in with an aerial slash of the leaf (square), go into the three-hit combo and end it with a WHAM from the bow.  It's... satisfying.

At the same time, it doesn't remind me much of my favorite Metroidvanias.  In terms of control and combat dynamics, it feels more like (the similarly retro) Shovel Knight.  It's simple and sharp, and is okay with killing you.  Mechanically, in the hand, it feels more like the simplicity of Mega Man than the supple combat and locomotion of Guacamelee or Hollow Knight - it's just way, way better-looking than Mega Man or Shovel Knight.

Aesthetically - and this is gonna' sound crazy - what it brings to mind most of all is actually Bloodborne.  You explore an ancient, cursed city that is largely devoid of sentient life - gothic and stately here, beautiful and overgrown there - and the citizenry you meet seem to have abandoned hope that things will ever improve.  There's something... sad and mournful about it.

So - the action is simple, but tight, and satisfying.  The presentation is lovely - excellent music, too - and the game, overall, is some rather pleasant retro comfort food.  It's a little light on mechanics, I'd say - but that simplicity is also part of its comfort and appeal.

I can dig it.  And I want this on my fucking Vita.

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