Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sony's indie spring event has Rain World, Cosmic Star Heroine and Full Throttle.

Breaks down like this,

March 21st - Everything, which I'm not about to try to explain.

March 28th - PaRappa The Rapper Remastered which I shouldn't have to explain.

April 4th - Cosmic Star Heroine, the most ambitious thing the boys at Zeboyd have ever done.  A throwback to 16-bit RPGs of olde, it will get a physical release on PS4 and Vita from Limited Run Games, but the Vita version won't launch with the PS4 release on the 4th. Awwww.

April 11th - Rain World, a lovely-looking platformer where you play as an adorable slugcat (its actual name), exploring and surviving a post-apocalyptic urban nightmarescape in an attempt to get back to your family.  Rain World was announced for PS4 and Vita years ago.  Tragically, it was then picked up by Adult Swim Games, which doesn't do the whole Vita thing.  People have been asking them about the Vita version for months, now, and they won't say shit.  They won't even say it's not coming, they're just not even acknowledging the question.  So fuck you, Rain World people, I'm not buying your lovely-looking game.

April 18th - Full Throttle Remastered is the only title on this list that's actually launching on Vita too!  Day one!  Thank you, Double Fine!  I could never get the original game on PC when I was a kid, but I played the ever-loving hell out of its demo.  Oh - worth saying - it's a classic point-and-click adventure game about a badass biker dude.  Cool beans!

April 15th - What Remains of Edith Finch - one of those walk-around-and-learn-a-story-by-exploring-the-environment games, but this one's made by the folks who produced The Unfinished Swan so I am deeeeply uninterested.

But hey, man!  Full Throttle Remastered!

...I wonder how many people care about PaRappa..?  Probably a lot, right?

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