Friday, March 24, 2017

Styx: Shards of Darkness - accolades trailer.

Styx has an accolades trailer?!


Well I...

Hm.  What're my options?  Wow, full-price physical release on Amazon.  Hm.

What does Metacritic say?  Hm.  75.  I'll wait for a price drop.  Which is very weird.

This is the second time today I have possessed myself with a need to wait - which, if you know me well, you would understand represents nothing less than a bizarre aberration of my characteristic character.  Earlier today I was window shopping for a 4K, HDR-capable TV - mostly to better-bask in the glory that is Horizon: Zero Dawn.  Chamberlain's sagacious consult yielded - a site that tests the input delay on the newest, hottest TVs (of paramount import for gamers).

I browsed, checking what DisplayLag had to say on each interesting unit, and settled between a very-reasonably-price 50-inch LED and a 55-inch OLED - both from LG, which has earned my loyalty and custom over the years.  Their cost is low and their quality is high.  The OLED is like twenty-six hundred dollars - and that's on a sale that ends in six days.

Now here's the crazy part.  I can afford that.  But I don't want to pay it.  I can't rationalize a three thousand dollar investment in a TV (after taxes), regardless of the impressive amount of time I tend to invest in mine via this hobby of ours.  A grand or under a grand or just over a grand is perfectly reasonable to me, though.  But...

...I think of the difference between an LED Vita and an OLED Vita, side-by-side.  And the difference is fucking huge, to my eye.  I want an OLED TV - but three grand is stupid.  I'd rather spend a thousand and get a Hugo Boss overcoat (I've always wanted a Hugo Boss overcoat - it's a lifelong ambition).

If I bought the LED - knowing me - I'd just return it and pay another two grand for the OLED.  So, instead of doing that, I will do neither.  I will - I hope! - wait until the OLED I actually want comes down to a reasonable price.  Which tends to happen sooner than you'd think.

Or maybe I'll swing by Best Buy at the next opportunity and see how much I like the LED version.

Either way, this whole patience thing is freakin' me out.  It's like suddenly discovering I had the fuzzy tail of a lemur. A fly lands on my nose, I swat it with my tail and it's like, "ohmiGod, where the fuck did this come from?"