Monday, March 13, 2017

What the - more Horizon screens!

I was gonna' write something about Horizon, but you know how it goes.

They're gigantic again, so... page break!

The only way to obtain a heavy weapon in Horizon is to blow it off a rampaging machine, or take it from the cold, dead hands of a human enemy.  Long story short, this herd of Grazers are about to get fuuucked uuup.

Check out the detail on her shoulder guard.  Check out the... life in her eyes.  There probably isn't a character in the game that says more saucy shit to Aloy than this steelworker.  It's driving me fucking crazy that I can't remember her name she's so awesome.

"A small glyph book on cheap parchment, illustrated with exaggerated sketches of ferocious Nora women."  Aloy's tribe are more than a bit xenophobic, and keep entirely to their Sacred Lands - so Aloy is often the first Nora anyone in the wide world has seen, and is often required to weather their ignorance.

Aloy has an awesome idle animation after you keep her going at a flat-out run for a while.  She stops - holds her side like she's getting a stitch or something, and leans over, catching her breath.

Nice touch.

Perhaps it's due to my geographic handicap, but I fucking love the snow on these trees.  Let's blow that up.

Fucking gorgeous.

I love this shot.

Glinthawks.  Everyone hates Glinthawks.

She holds out a hand to catch the snowflakes.  Nuts.

The Shadow Carja armor, with the spires of Meridian in the background.  Let's blow up that sweet armor, eh?

The most beautiful parts of the game are definitely the environments, though.

So much detail!

Speaking of details,




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