Thursday, April 6, 2017

All of Digital Foundry's info on the Scorpio.

The excellent Eurogamer - specifically the site's excellent Digital Foundry - blew the doors open on what Microsoft's Project Scorpio actually consists of and it's... potent.  

In brief, it pushes the 6 teraflops (which Chamberlain can explain) that Xbox promised last E3, it has twelve gigs of GDDR5 RAM (PS4 and Xbox One have 8), which offers a larger bandwidth to fire data through, it allows you to capture gameplay at 4K and 60 frames per second (which I would love), and it has a cooling system that is just totes cray:
"To cut a long story short, Microsoft is using a vapour chamber heat sink. It consists of a copper vessel that forms its basis, inside of which is ionised distilled water under vacuum. Heat is absorbed into the water, where it vapourises. The steam convects away from the hot spots and condenses on the heat sink fins. It's highly efficient - but the heat still needs to be expelled from the system and the standard axial fans used on prior Xbox hardware wouldn't cut the mustard.

"We went to a custom designed adapted centrifugal fan for this design," Del Castillo continues. "It kind of looks like a supercharger on a car, it looks like an intercooler almost. Every part about this is custom designed for the application.""
Oh my.

 The basic idea, here, is that the Scorpio can run very good-looking games in 4K at 60 frames per second no sweat. For example, this is the first 4K screenshot from the thing - Forza:

Breaks down like this: a nutshell.  But there's a ton of stuff to read on the reveal, if you're up for it - all from Eurogamer.

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