Monday, April 10, 2017

Blackwatch Genji skin confirmed! UPDATE: NENDO MEI!

Wewt.  As is tradition, the skins for tomorrow's Overwatch event have leaked ahead of (what one imagines was) Blizzard's official announcement (if one's not prepared to take these repeated and reliable leaks as actually part of Blizz's brilliant master hype plan.)  This time, PlayStation France's YouTube channel did the deed and yanked it a little under an hour later - but this is the Internet!

This is how Genji appeared in last week's digital comic - this is the one the community was praying for.   ...kinda' makes me wish I played Genji.  Annnywho... Torb, Tracer, Mercy and Rein all get legendaries that echo their look in the Insurrection story...

Ohmigosh different Mercy hair!

Oh, and the above four will star in a Junkenstein-style PvE thing in King's Row.

And, finally, new actual-reskins for Widowmaker and McCree - each of whom have famously gone like, the game's entire first year without a badass new skin.  Widow's is kinda' meh but it's neat to see her before she got like, blue-skinned through Talon's supersoldier process or whatever.

I feel like McCree's isn't quite different enough from his normal look, but this is still a sweet lineup of new skins.

[update] Oh shiiii

Nendo Mei is available for preorder on the Blizzard store right now.  And yeah, I nabbed one.

Weirdly enough - speaking of figures - the payment request popped up for my Momohime recolor last month.  Let it slide by.  Dunno why - but Overwatch Nendos still gotta' happen.  [/update]

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