Saturday, April 29, 2017

Clip Show 37 - Heart and Soul.

Vivixenne over on the Penny Arcade forums will put up gameplay clips occasionally, and I'm a bit of a fan. It's not just that it's always amusing to see someone stomp on Junkrat or that her shot-calling and communication on Zenyatta are always on point, but part of it is just getting to watch some gameplay of someone who's not Seagull or IDDQD or Soon - someone with skill level closer to my own (Viv's better, for the record).  Her gameplay is relateable, I guess is the point.

My clips shows, by their nature, are often a bit... emotionally one-note.  It's a series of smash-cuts from kicking someone's ass to kicking someone's ass and then (surprise!) kicking someone's ass, probably in a Play of the Game.

I love my clip shows - wouldn't make 'em, otherwise - I love Destroyer and Gel and most of all Believer, but triumph is little without failure.  So this week's clip show is a little different.  I've had Heart and Soul by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on my this-might-go-well-with-Overwatch-gameplay USB for months now, and it never got used because (1) the song is so long it naturally lends itself to a single long cut, (2) it has no kind of bannng or punctuation moments that would line up with a cool pulse bomb kill or elimination - which is how my clip shows usually work and (3) it gets kind of crazy towards the end, changing the emotional flavor of the song and the gameplay.

This week I lined it up with the sequence that starts at 3:00 below, and I was like "shit, this really works for long cuts."

So that's what the clip show is this week.  It's a teensy touch of Battle Mercy action (personal highlights: 100%ing the enemy Mercy on the first attack on King's Row, taking out Tracer and Genji with the help of Torb's turret and the Ulting Soldier Takedown from the NeoGAF in-house), and then a series of long, forty-second-plus clips of going on absolute tears with Tracer.

Like, almost ten minutes of it.

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