Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fresh deets on Darkest Dungeon's Crimson Court DLC!

Man I felt worse over the weekend than I thought - I completely forgot to blog about the update on Darkest Dungeon's first piece of DLC! I feel particularly bad about this because it was like five days ago, but this popped up on Friday!

First up, they're calling The Crimson Court "a parallel campaign experienced alongside the main Darkest Dungeon content that will provide you with a new challenge at every difficulty level."  To me that kinda' means it works like the Reign of Giants DLC for Don't Starve - activate the DLC and the basic game we played last year will get jazzed up with all kinds of Crimson Court goodness-slash-evil.  Apparently it will further explore your Ancestor's backstory, specifically his "early days."

It'll have new enemies for your normal dungeons and a whole new dungeon in the shape of The Courtyard.  "There, amidst unique curios, traps and obstacles, a complete faction of new blood-crazed foes lie in wait, overseen by three distinct boss encounters.  These slavering enemies and epic encounters will introduce new combat mechanics, testing the limits of your favourite strategies."

Here, finally, Red Hook have also confirmed the fact that a new hero class is coming - though no details on what shape they-slash-it will take - along with new trinkets, town events and "a fresh way to expand and upgrade your Hamlet."

I love this part:
"At Red Hook, we’re working as hard as possible to deliver an exceptional DLC experience – one that enriches and expands the core game.  Our mantra is that the addition of Crimson Court represents the canonical way to experience Darkest Dungeon, and we can’t wait to deliver it to you.  We’d hoped to get it out earlier this year, but opted to delay in order to pack additional value into the free ‘Radiant’ update.  We’re looking at releasing the Crimson Court in Late May/Early June, and will keep you all up to date as work progresses.  Quality is our first priority, hence why we cannot confirm an exact date just yet."
So probably July.  Hyyype!

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