Saturday, April 1, 2017

Game Diary - Overwatch, again!

I'm loving having Salt and Sanctuary on my Vita to the point that, last night, after a solid night of Overwatching, I couldn't get Salt out of my head and spent that last, sleepy half-hour before crashing just messing around with a Magician build on the PS4.  Turns out Salt has all kinds of combat mechanics I've never seen just because I always went pure melee!

But it was a very solid night of Overwatch.  Ended up going 7 wins, 4 losses almost entirely off the back of Mercy.  I've had some phenomenal Mercy matches lately.  The best was probably an Eichenwald defense where I suffered zero deaths.  Our team was not meta.  We had a Rein, a D.Va, a Symmetra and - for DPS - Mei and Orisa.  Not what one would consider a winning proposition - s'pecially with three giant health pools and just lil' ol' me to keep them all alive and kickin' - but we just rocked it.  Their Pharah kept diving on the point and I kept leading mini-charges against her.

Eventually they pulled out a Tracer that came straight for me... and I pulled my pistol and put her right into the ground.  It was gorgeous.

My best moment last night, though, hinged on the changes to Mercy's ult. Most of my team (4 of us, with Ana supporting) are on top defending on Dorado, doing a solid job of holding the reds back. Their Tracer, Soldier and Genji keep coming for the payload, and only our Soldier is stopping the thing from moving - so I'm flitting back and forth, making sure he stays alive when they come for him and backing up my Ana's healing with the main force when he's secure.

So I fly in to help him just as the red Soldier pops his ult.

The red is well-positioned to wipe Soldier and I, but I slip around and use the payload to block him as he wrecks my Soldier and turns around to find me... coming straight for him, with my blaster out.

I literally tank his ult for a moment, letting him shred my health bar down to half before popping my ult, undoing the damage he did to my Soldier and rendering myself invincible and able to finish him off.  A quick, proper BM is the cherry on top.

Ahhh feels good.

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