Sunday, April 16, 2017

Match Highlights 4 - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (The Lijiang Mercy).

I'm plucking away at a new Tracer clip show which, as is tradition, is entirely footage of me kicking ass and taking names.  But one of my funnest games in my recent return to Overwatch was not a success - it was a one-sided stomp on Lijiang in which my team and I could get pretty much nothing done.  The red's DPS was on point (most notably the Soldier) and their tanks were solid - but the keystone was their Mercy.  This incredible Mercy who was always right in the thick of it, and always had an ally to GA to when I got close.

She quickly identified me as the greatest threat to her personal safety - a compliment I'll happily take, though its accuracy doesn't mean I can actually impact the outcome of this match at all, no matter how many times I get the pick on her.

Doesn't matter if I get her once the teamfight's already over, and my team's been wiped.

Match Highlights 4 - Kisses Sweeter than Wine (The Lijiang Mercy) from David Ferber on Vimeo.

Doesn't matter if I pick her first, because by the time my team and I wipe the point, she'll fly in with the rez.  The rez at the end of round 2 was such a perfect faceplant after finally wiping that team I had to do the cheer emote.  It was too perfect.

I sent her a PSN message.
ME: The rez at the end of the 2nd round?  Spectacular.

MERCY: I know right?

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