Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oh my. Project Scorpio to be unveiled through Digital Foundry!

This.  Is.  Brilliant.

For the gamer consciousness as a whole, Microsoft's successor to the Xbox One is illuminated entirely by the idea of enough muscle to really push 4K gaming and what Microsoft called "high-end VR."  I don't think anyone gives a shit about the VR angle any more, but the fact remains that a gaming console with more American Muscle than the competitor is... appetizing.

But Microsoft could go up on stage at E3 (or before, whatever) and talk up the system's specs, and then gamers on forums and Reddit would argue about what, precisely, they suggest is possible on the new advice.  After a day, or a few hours, though, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry would look at the information, and provide their analysis of what it actually means.  And Digital Foundry is the last word in video game technical analysis.  There's no one who does it better, no one more respected.

But let's skip the middle man, says Microsoft.  Let's go straight to the people who have the final word on such matters, and let the most trusted name in game tech analysis tell gamers how impressive the Scorpio is.

This is a ballsy, genius move, Microsoft.  None of that huge stage presentation crap with green walls and giant screens, no actors pretending to have a great time with tech demos - just the facts, Ma'am.


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