Monday, April 3, 2017

Ohmigosh, I helped someone get better at Tracer.

I'm a bit under the weather today, but what free time I had over the weekend was - when I wasn't indulging in Salt & Sanctuary on Vita - was largely invested in Overwatch, getting my sea legs back.  I've definitely had some bad matches - I'm not where I was - but I've also had more than a few spectacular moments.

This recent return to Overwatch (why didn't I keep playing Nier Automata? What will I do after Persona 5 drops?) has ensured I've also returned to my Overwatch media consuption, which includes the Rapida YouTube channel and, of course, NeoGAF's ninth Overwatch OT.  I am terribly conscious that my Overwatch authority extends merely to the state of the game on PS4 - not the almighty PC version - how things go at my middling gold/platinum level, and the theorycraft that my experience permits.  That said, when a Gaffer indicated that my beloved Tracer's ultimate ability was shit, I had to pipe up.

Look man, she's easier than Genji

 "Trying Tracer out. That pulse bomb is some weak shit. Some British dude called me a bell pepper for my fail. Or a bellend whtever the fuck."
First of all, I can assure you that if a British dude insulted you - between those two options - he called you a 'Bellend.'  Second, this was my response:
Chance: "Tracer's Ult lacks the teamkilling potential of most Assaults - you're never gonna' throw your pulse bomb and wipe a team outside of a perfect Zarya ult - but it also builds incredibly fast and permits you to essentially pick and assassinate high-value targets at little risk. So here's what you do: 
1. Build ult
2. Drop Ult on a large, easy-to-stick target - a Rein, Orisa, Hog, Bastion, Winston - and hope an ally is close enough to them to make it a double.
3. Repeat from step 1 
It's also worth throwing into tight groups, obviously, and I enjoy dropping it on goobers who aren't being mobile enough and making themselves easy targets. It builds so quickly that the best way to use it is constantly. If you're in the middle of a team fight and there's a tank in reach when it pops, drop it on that tank. The longer you sit on it, the less value you're getting out of Tracer.

The larger health pool you stick it to, the better. Sticking it to a McCree can be very edifying and funny, but your team will appreciate it a lot more when you fly in from above, empty your pistols into the enemy Rein, drop your pulse bomb and blink outta' there - boom - there goes their entire formation, ready for your team to sweep forward and wreck 'em.

Like this:"

The Rein takedown from the Young Love clip show remains one of my all-time favorites, but more importantly it perfectly illustrates how quickly a Tracer can eliminate a tank, if she uses her ult.  So I wrote it and tossed it up on the board and forgot about it.  But today, I woke up, felt like crap, when out to have a cigarette and...
karasu: "This has changed my game considerably. Thanks! I got two triple pulse bomb kills in one match. I didn't get play of the game because of a shitty Bastion, however. Sitting there! On his ass."
Eyyy I'm good enough at Tracer to help other people get good with Tracer!  Wooo!

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