Friday, May 12, 2017

Eyyy Oceanhorn launches on Vita next week.


Speaking of Vita Goodness, you can score some of it pret-ty darned cheap on PSN flash sale at the moment.  Lichtspeer is five bucks, Risk of Rain is $3.50, Paranautical Activity is two bucks, The Swapper is $3.75, Super Stardust Delta Interstellar Bundle is six dollars and Sky Force Anniversary is $3.50.  Those're some sweet deals!

Elsewhere in the flash sale,

  • DOOM (2016) is twenty
  • inFamous: First Light is six - and it's Fing awesome for the record
  • XCOM 2 is $24
  • Assault Android Cactus is $4.50
As your friendly Neighborhood Game Advisor, I strongly encourage you to snap up Galak-Z and DOOM at those prices.  XCOM 2 might be worth it, but I'll never know because it couldn't keep me away from Overwatch.  

You know how it is. 

Worth noting - y'know what the only two games are in the past year that could keep me away from Overwatch for their entire duration?  

Gravity Rush 2

Horizon: Zero Dawn.  We'll see if Prey can keep it up!  (It couldn't last night.)

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