Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Holy heck The Order is on sale for four bucks.



That's ridiculous.  I'm tempted by that, and I already own the thing on bluray.  I'm one of the few folks who was very, very positive about the game upon its release - most were more interested in what The Order isn't than what it is - a gorgeous, smart, character-driven introduction to a cool alternate history.  With werewolves, lightning guns, dapper mustaches and three-barrel shotguns.

It's one of those games I always think about replaying on the current gen (up there with Dying Light, Bloodborne and Alien: Isolation), and I had a lot to say about The Order when it came out.  Probably too much.  Here is that very, very long review from back when I wrote reviews, but to keep it short

  • The weapons are big, mean, barking, brilliant crystallizations of classic, familiar forms 
  • or super fun original designs with very unique rhythms. 
  • Bone-crunching, brutal, satisfying melee - despite its simplicity.
  • Comfortable, fun cover-based shooting that's gorrrgeous. 
  • Lycan combat that riffs on clever mechanics to feel vastly different than the rest of the game. 
  • Boss fights that recall some of gaming's all-time greatest moments. 
  • Sky-high production values that turn classically throwaway moments into graphics porn.
  • Fully fleshed-out heroes who meaningfully evolve over the course of the story. 
  • An involving, character-driven plot.
  • Every scene has a narrative purpose. 
  • Excellent performances from the entire cast (special nod to the three leads).
  • A fascinating, fully-realized world.
  • (Almost) never encumbered by extraneous exposition. 
  • Entirely successful in its bid to look like a film - the closest any game has come to photorealism.
  • Beautiful art direction.
  • Great female characters.
  • Mature content that's actually aimed at a mature audience. 
  • Quicktime events that feel better than quicktime events have any right to. 
  • The game-to-cutscene balance is skewed heavily in favor of cutscenes. 
  • Blacksight is not fun. 
  • The stealth mechanics are shallow.

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