Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm too tired and busy to blog.

Apologies.  Lots goin' on, lately.

There's only two bits of news worth paying attention to this week.  First and foremost, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed into early 2018.  Here are some sexy new screenshots.

"Look at our sexy revolver textures!"

Second, the Anniversary event is up on Overwatch as we speak, and as it turns out those fugly skins they teased last week were especially fugly when compared to all the other skins they didn't tease for the event.  Specifically,

Genji is a Power Ranger,

Mei is a beekeeper,

Lucio is a sexy-as-fuck jazz man and his crossfade plays horns now,

But the most popular one on forums is D.Va's righteous Cruiser skin - recalling the amazing rockabilly fan art of Andrew Tran.  I hope every character in the game gets this treatment.  Her voice lines change in the skin too!  She'll say stuff like "I'm cruisin' for a bruisin'!" or "hey Daddy-o" instead of "hello!"  That's awesome!  But finally...

Graffiti Tracer.

I get the why of the vapor mask, but I don't love it.  I do love the hoodie, though, and it changes her guns into spraypaint guns - which is awesome.  Tracer - and Reaper, of all folks - also get extra emotes.  These aren't tied to the anniversary event or anniversary loot boxes, though.  Reaper's is a shrug, and Tracer holds out her guns like fingers and shoots 'em!  Oh, and Sombra and Orisa finally got their oft-requested sitting emotes.  

Also - the dance emotes.  Everybody gets a dance emote - every single character in the game - and Tracer dances the fucking Charleston!

Winston does the Twist!

Oh yes.  Oh God yes.  You can see all of the new dance emotes over at the official event page.  You won't find the Tracer Fingerbang, Reaper Shrug, Orisa or Sombra sit emotes there, though - they're hard to track down.

[update] Oh also recent balance changes went live.  Praise the Sun, Orisa's gun only got a 9% nerf, a nice bit shy of the planned 15%, but her barrier buff goes through intact - and more importantly, Soldier's nerf has gone live yaaaaay!


G'night everybody!

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