Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Long Cut 8 - Here For You (Tracer on Nepal).

Hahahah you can't watch this video because you're in America, and the song is specifically blocked in your country but not like, every other country in the world.  Your economy is that special.

But that seems cruel.

You came here to watch some mediocre PS4 Tracer gameplay and goddamnit, that's what you're gonna' get.  Here it is on Vimeo!

Long Cut 8 - Here For You (Nepal Tracer) from David Ferber on Vimeo.

The song's way better than yesterday's choice, right?  Just works better - but it's mellow and breezy, like the gameplay!  Apt.

This may, at first, seem like a good performance (and it ain't bad), but pay attention to our Mercy's behavior Vs. the reds' Mercy.

Our Mercy heals.  Which makes a huge difference.  That's not to say the reds' Mercy is totally useless.  This match actually began with me diving on her when she was solo, coming in the top on the first round, and she picked me out of the fucking air because I wasn't evading like I would against a DPS.  Like I leapt off a platform at her and she shot me out of the fucking sky and my brother was like "did that Mercy just kill you?"

"Dude that Mercy hundred percented me out of the air."

Which was, y'know, good to know, that this Mercy has such a hardon for killing you.  At first her complete-abandoning of her team's healing (it was funny watching her tanks switch off throughout the match) just made her seem a bit more of a threat, but the reality was there was nothing to stop my team from just running roughshod over them.  Their Sym tried desperately to get her tele up, but you can't build ult when you're getting killed too fast to do any damage.  I seriously think I killed that Sym like six times in the round, here.

The red Mercy's performance also makes me question my own predilection for whipping out the blaster and going battle Mercy - is this what I'm doing to my team when I draw on an enemy Tracer?  Thank goodness, it's not.  I spend 92% of every game healing or damage-buffing my team, and clip shows like Destroyer are a collection of those moments where I draw on the enemy Pharah/Hog/McCree/Sym/Tracer/Soldier/Bastion.

'Cause I know how good that Mercy felt when she shot the Tracer who dove on her in the first five seconds of a match out of the air.

That feels fucking incredible.

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