Friday, May 19, 2017

Overwatch Anniversary event content teases!

Wanna' see what's coming to the Overwatch anniversary event?  For the first time, the headliners are not new skins.

What's got me freakin' most are the dance emotes. Turn the volume down.

First of all, Zenyatta's is best and I'll hear no debate on that fact.  Second, oh my God they'd better have dance emotes for Tracer and Mercy or I'll be like nooooooooes. 

They've also teased three new "arena maps" based on Dorado, Eichenwalde and Anubis.

What exactly an "arena map" is remains to be defined - my kneejerk is that it's a 1v1 or 3v1 map, a'la Antarctica - but I don't think Blizz ever referred to Antarctica as an "arena" (could be wrong, but) - some folks are speculating that there may be a new game mode on the way.

Also - new voice lines that heavily pull from the fan community:

Finally, we're all here for the skins, so check THIS SHIT OUT.

...and it's like what?  That's the new Zarya legendary we've waited literally a year for?  Of these four shown skins, Zarya's is definitely the best - but it still makes me think two people at Blizzard were sitting around reading forum posts and one was all

"Folks on the internet are saying we couldn't possibly make shittier skins for Zarya."

and the other one was like "hold my drink."

This represents the first time in Overwatch's one-year history that I've seen new skins teased for an event and didn't get mad hyped to have them for my very own.  I mean, obviously I'm gonna' get that Zarya skin but... I'm not dying to.

Also in Overwatch news, my older brother - the guy who's always pressuring me to play comp with him - has officially fallen so low in the rankings that the system won't allow us to group up for competitive mode any more.  He's at like 1,300.  I'm like "dude, stop after the first ten losses in a row."

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