Sunday, May 21, 2017

There is a beautiful, impossible dream among Mercy mains.

You've seen Mercy Play of the Games.  The Mercy rezzes.  Sometimes the Mercy gets to rez like four or even five of her teammates.  Yay!

And I'll be honest, it does feel entirely badass when you pull one of those off.  When you swoop in, bring your whole team back and get outta' dodge without dying - it's pretty awesome - but, among all Mercy mains, I believe, there is a dream.

A dream of pulling out your pistol and kicking so much ass that it supercedes any rezzes you may have pulled in the game, that it's more awesome than all the offensive ults that have been tossed out in the last ten minutes, and you school the enemy team and yours in the art of murder.

Which is kinda' ridiculous.  Nothing in the game has lower DPS than Mercy (except like, Zero Suit D.Va, I suppose), but it's nice to dream, sometimes.

So last night, we're defending on King's Row.  I started the match as Symmetra and things were going okay until my tele went down.  They almost-instantly pushed to the second point, the reds had no healers so I went Soldier and kept their Pharah at bay.  Then, in the last two minutes, they pulled out a Lucio.

Now it's gettin' serious.  I went Mercy.  In the end, we held defense and won, but more importantly, I think you know where this is goin'.  I'm doin' good Mercy work, healing my Bastion as he sits out in the open, takes too much DPS and dies as my Orisa comes in.  So I hook up my healing beam and keep it on her as she sits out in the open, takes so much DPS it overwhelms my ability to heal, and she dies.

Tracer and Soldier are on the point, with their Mercy and Junkrat coming in behind.

And that is how you get a proud Mercy.  It would have amounted to nothing if Reaper hadn't dropped in at the end to finish off my evil work, so thanks for the no-rez PotG, Reaper!

I also got a no-enviro-kill PotG with Winston last night!  When was the last time you saw a Winston PotG without him booping someone off a cliff?  My brother always likes to tell me what a shitty tank Winston is, so I love it when stuff like this happens when we're playing together.


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