Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wanna' hear somethin' pathetic?

The event will go from March 23rd to June 12th - your standard three weeks, no matter what the Xbox Live leak from last week has to say - and Blizzard have cruelly denied us any information about what the event actually entails or any of the awesome skins we'll be getting, but that's not the pathetic part.

I read about the above vid on NeoGAF's Overwatch thread today, and someone said they "legit misted up" watching it.

I'm like, whatever, let's watch it.

And I start, y'know, welling up a bit.  It really affected me.  And then towards the end, I blinked, and literal tears went down my cheek.

That shit made me cry.  Footage of the past year's Overwatch events made me cry.  What the actual fuck.

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