Tuesday, June 6, 2017

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is officially coming west - PS4, Vita, maybe Steam.

Hey kids!  Are you ready for pre E3 News Hyyype Day One?  I hope so, 'cause things pretty much kicked off today with a bunch of news - but none more awesome than the fact that Atlus USA officially announced Vanillaware's (!!!!) 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim for localization.

Which is literally the first official news we've heard about the game since its Japanese announcement way way back in 2015.  Which is pretty interesting, because we still don't know what genre it is!  We don't know anything about it beyond the fact that it takes place in the near-future, it stars fairly normal modern high-school kids and somehow involves giant mecha.  That's all we know - that, and the fact that it is the next thing from (Odin Sphere, Dragon's Crown, Muramasa) Vanillaware - which makes it probably the single most hype-worthy thing of E3 2017 for yours truly.

Atlus opened up the game's official site today, and the game is important enough to them to appear on one side of the Atlus team's E3 badges.  Word is there will be a trailer at E3, but if there is so much as a press release out there, I can't find it.

The site cited (heheh) PS4 and Vita when it opened this morning, but those have since been removed.  Every major site that's covered this today have said PS4 and Vita, so I choose to believe that we're getting the Vita version, at least digitally.  When we do, you know that I will buy it at least twice to have it on both platforms.

Meanwhile, in recent interviews (studio head) George Kamitani has said they're trying to get a pipeline in the works to easily port their games to PC, so it's possible a Steam release is on the table.




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