Sunday, June 11, 2017

E3 2017 - The Bethesda press conference.

Aaaaw I got here late but the show just barely started, there's a bunch of kids talking about... I guess what their parents do?  Aw it's a show about how much the folks at Bethesda like working at Bethesda.  That's really cute!

Sizzle reel!  Doom, Dishonored, a guy with a sword, Prey, Skyrim, Fallout. Yeah, I love your games Bethesda.

"Welcome, everyone, to Bethesdaland!"

Pete Hines is up.  Bethesda's conferences have been excellent, so this should be pretty kewl.

He's talking up Doom, Dishonored 2 and Prey.  Now he says over 100 million people have played Fallout Shelter.  And now Fallout 4 and Skyrim.  We know, Bethesda, you bad, you bad.

He's talking about VR now...

2 VR games coming out this year.

Oculus Rift.  Oh it's DOOM.  Your hands are like disembodied and you get like... robo-pincers to interact with... and then it's just straight DOOM gameplay, using like blinks to move around (so you don't get motion sick I guess).  "DOOM VFR."

And now it's Fallout 4 (they announced this last year). Huh - no blink-to-move thing here, the player is freely moving around the environment.  Fallout 4 VR.

"Finally a full-length open world game with nearly limitless content playable in VR.  Sure will be exciting to play Fallout in VR!  Plus DOOM VFR!  It's so hot right now!"

Now they're talking about Elder Scrolls Online.

I'm loving these retro cartoons they're using here.   Oh it's about the Morrowind expansion for ESO.

"Last year Bethesda user mods were made available to Xbox One and Playstation 4 players, and there have been over 3,000,000 downloads. And we're just getting started - in 2017 Bethesda is going to shake things up again."

Made by Bethesda Game Studios, outside developers and the very best user mods.  All content fully compatible with save games, achievements and addons.  Wow.

That's a cool idea!

And now they're talking about the Elder Scrolls card game.  Mmmeh.  And now they're talking about Skyrim on Switch, which remains a pretty damned cool proposition. Oh shits it has Amibo support.  Lol use a Link Amibo and you get a Link cosplaying Dragonborn. Using the joycons as motion controls to fire arrows.  Neat!

"Another adventure in the Dishonored universe" this fall.  DLC?

Pardon me - going fullscreen.  Oh shits you're the badass sea captain from Dishonored 2 and your mission is to kill The Outsider ooooh is it a full game or just DLC?!

They're not saying!

And now Quake Champions is up. Eh.

Okay now it has got to be Evil Within.  And it is!  Evil Within 2!

Lotta' creepy milk goin' on, here.

And now gameplay!  Good lookin' gameplay.  Comes out Friday, October 13th heheh.

...makes me wish I'd finished the last one.

One more new game announcement - the leaked Wolfenstein?

Yes it is.

A bunch of weird American/Nazi Germany-esque TV shows, and now we have some in-engine footage of BJ waking up in a hospital.

Not as strong as he used to be.  Anya's still alive!  She's pregnant with twins!  Pardon me, goin' fullscreen... looks like it takes place in Nazi-occupied America. So much personality in the characters - I'm lovin' this.

Now some gameplay.








Only Bethesda can take a game announcement we already knew about and hype me to the end of the world.  Please give me a release date!   Oh "out this year."

Apparently everything in the show is out this year!  Wewt.

Okay is the Devolver thing happening?  Ugh so much work... I'll update the E3 homepage tomorrow...

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