Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Behold Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court's new hero!

Okay, I was not expecting this.

The Flagellant.  PC Gamer's got the deets, specifically

"The Flagellant is designed to push the envelope of Darkest Dungeon's Affliction System, the soul-grinding blend of stress, fear, paranoia, and other 'quirks' that can render stoic adventurers psychologically broken and even dangerous to their fellow dungeoneers. Because of his single-minded devotion, he cannot develop a virtue, and he's also restricted to a single affliction called "Rapturous," a form of berserking in which he does damage to both enemies and allies.

These mechanical complexities place him "on par with the Abomination," developer Red Hook Studios said, and "a rather tough hero to play well" because of his dependence on "a charged-up risk/reward dynamic." That's because the Flagellant is most effective when he's most badly wounded: The lower his health sinks, the more powerful his abilities become. 

He receives huge buffs when at Death's Door, and has a greater resistance to it than other characters, so he can stay in that state longer—and if he dies, he unleashes a final act of retribution, healing allies while stunning and damaging enemies, a noble sacrifice that might sometimes be more useful than keeping him breathing. Not for the faint of heart, then."

Awesome.  The Crimson Court DLC launches June 19th on PC!