Saturday, June 10, 2017

E3 2017 - The EA Presser Breakdown.

Not a lot out of EA this year.  Their presser had a few pret-ty awkward moments, but overall it was an improvement over years past - mainly thanks to the earnest enthusiasm of Janina Gavankar in a saucy little Imperial-themed cocktail dress (the actor who plays the lead in Star Wars Battlefront II's campaign), and some pretty good-lookin' footage of Need For Speed Payback and Battlefront II.

Let's break it down.

It did... not sell me on the game.  Pretty graphics though!

What's most disappointing in EA's conference, I think, is the almost-complete lack of surprise.  The only thing we didn't know about (or hadn't anticipated) was A Way Out.  We knew BioWare's core team was working on something new, and all we've been shown is something that reminds us a bit of Mass Effect.  Otherwise it was just a bunch of EA franchises that always come out every year, and ooh look they're coming out this year again.

Overall, Electronic Arts has given us little to actually feel hyped about.  Next up: Microsoft tomorrow at 4PM Central.

That should be a lot more interesting.

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