Sunday, June 11, 2017

E3 2017 - the Microsoft E3 press conference.

And we are live and on time - EA and Microsoft both starting on time - crazy.

Okay what's first, Xbox?  Bring.  It.  Onnnnn!

Okay now it's a sizzle reel for the chip in the Scorpio.  Suitably grand Tron-esque music and visuals.  Implying Gear of War, Halo and Shadow of Mordor.  Forza.... Crackdown, definitely...


Phil Spencer's up.

He points out that the screen at the presser is 4K.  Enjoy your 720p stream!  lol.

"Today we are proud to welcome the newest member of the Xbox family fittingly named Xbox One X."  "The most powerful console ever made sets a new standard for gamers and game creators."

Did he just say when it launched?  I missed it.

Now a tech dude Kareem Choudhry is comin' out to talk about how amazing the X is... Calling it the XX is gonna' be the thing, right?   "These are impressive numbers that are more powerful than any other console on every dimension."  We know, Digital Foundry told us that months ago.  Show us the gaaaames.

"Right from the start, all of your Xbox One accessories and games will work with Xbox One X, but for the team and me that wasn't good enough - we wanted more - the game library you own today will look and play even better on Xbox One X."  Faster loads, yadda yadda.

Liquid-cooled vapor chamber, et cetera... Oooh it's "the smallest Xbox Ever."

Ooop a game!  "Exclusive world premier," Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive.

There's a desert.  Looks like a very pretty desert.  Oop it's a Forza.

Holy shit they're using Blood in the Cut by K. Flay lol.

Forza Motorsport 7. 

And so they're going to show a new supercar onstage, because that's why we watch video game press conferences - to see high-end cars!  The "honor" of seeing it "belongs to you, exclusively."

They really like that word. "Like the Xbox One X, it's a monster."  Haw haw.

And now we're gonna' get some gameplay of Forza 7.

Runs at "Native 4k and a rock-solid 60fps."

Very pretty!

Ships October 3rd. 

The mid-conference correspondence of Chamberlain and Chance

Chamberlain: Native 4k 60 fps forza. I am aroused

Chance: Whoop-de-doo.GIF.  Show me a sexy-as-fuck action game or gtfo.

Now they're saying they'll have 40 games shown in this show and 20 exclusives.  Hm!  

Sounds like the next State of Decay... 

NMaybe not.  Definitely post-apocalypse.  Lots of snow... Oh shits it's that Russian subway post-nuke holocaust FPS wtf was that called?  Metro - that's it, Metro 2048 or somethin' like that.   Dayum this looks hot.  

This seriously looks fucking incredible.  "Metro Exodus," coming 2018.  The animations were too good to be gameplay though.  If that's gameplay it's... a generational leap. 

Oh shits and I think it's Assassin's Creed time.  Or at least something in ancient Egypt. 

They've added a bunch of RPG elements to it.  Oooh gameplay trailer!

It does look very pretty!

He summons an eagle to scout things out.  He marks his target with it and heads in.  Looks like some classic AC platforming.  Oh shit he jumped from a tree and headshot a guy with a bow on the way down - awesome.

Lots of tall grass to hide in.  He picks up a new bow off a fallen guard.  He plucks a guard off a roof, levels up and gets an ability point.  Very RPG.  Classic air assassination. Combat looks a little more like a normal brawler.

Very nice graphics.

Coming October 27th.

Now they're talking about "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds," which is apparently a big deal but I've never heard of it.  "A multiplayer battle royale where you fight against a hundred other players to be the last man standing."


"3 million PC players to date."  Coming exlcusively to Xbox One later this year "with an update for Xbox One X enhancements." "Console Launch Exclusive."  This actually looks fairly cool.

Now another "console launch exclusive."

Indie.  Sci-fi.  Mining.  First-person.  "Deep Rock Galactic: Danger, Darkness, Dwarves."

Now an Xbox One & Win 10 exclusive...

State of Decay?  Finally?

Much better graphics than last time.  Yupppp State of Decay.  Shitty animations though... Much like the last game - collect survivors, build a base, stock it up, keep yourself supplied.

State of Decay 2 - spring 2018.

Now a "console launch exclusive."  "The Darw!n Project." - a pixar-cartoony/gory battle royale.

Now a Minecraft thing...

Apparently it's getting prettier graphics - but not much prettier.  "Super duper graphics pack."

Sounds like some hot new indies.

"World premiere" - so multiplat - lol they're showing a Dragonball Z game at Microsoft's presser.  Yayyyy.

Now a "launch exclusive," (timed).  A gorgeous desert.  Lotta' gorgeous deserts.  Now some gorgeous meadows and forests.  It's all lovely.

Wtf is this?  Is this fucking Black Desert Online?

This is seriously the prettiest MMO I've ever seen.


Now another "console launch exclusive."

Oh shits is this what I think - oh fuuuuck it's The Last Night.

Gorgeous cuberpunk pixel art.  Like seriously increidble looking.

  Now another timed exclusive... lovely 2D sidescroller... with a fuckin' bitchin' guitar.  Wtf is this?  This looks incredible!  The Artful Escape - remember that one.

Now it looks like that next action game from the God Eater crew - and it is!  Multiplatform.

CodeVein coming 2018.  I am amazed by the number of Japanese games we're seeing, here.

Hey, Sea of Thieves is up next (Xbox/Win 10 exclusive).  Gameplay!  Still looks delightful. Coming early 2018. 

Now a timed exclusive.  Fullbright.  Why is that name familiar?  Oh Tacoma.  Which was announced for PS4 like two years ago lol.

Now... a cartoon fox.  Looks like some classic platformer but no gameplay yet... Oooh very classic Rare.  Xbox Console Exclusive.  Is this that game that was on VR last year?  Yes - Super Lucky's Tale.

Now another console exclusive... oh shits ITS CUPHEAD!!!!  SEPTEMBER 29th!!!

And a full exlcusive, from Microsoft Studios - it's Crackdown 3!  ...and it looks pretty meh.


Surviving Mars 
Fable Fortune
Dunk Lords
Minion Masters
Dark and Light
Strange Brigade
Hello Neighbor
Conan Exiles

Now a timed exclusive... dark fantasy co-op, lovely presentation.  Ashen.  Gotta' find that trailer, that looks awesome.

Oop now it's that Life is Strange prequel that got leaked.  Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Now it's Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.   And the dialogue between the Orcs is actually... really, really good.  This orc's personality has hyped me more for the game than anything else I've seen for it.

And now - oh it's gotta' be Ori.

And indeed it is!  And it remains incredibly gorgeous.

Now Spencer's talkin' up Xbox backwards compatibility annnd they're expanding it to original Xbox games - the crowd loves it.  Crimson Skies.

Including Crimson Skies, will see enhancements on Xbox One X, launches this fall.

Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, Minecraft are all getting 4K updates for XX.

"30 titles from third party partners will" be updated for XX, including FFXV, RE7, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rocket League "just to name a few."

Okay, what's the price, Phil?

"On November 7th, we'll begin worldwide rollout of Xbox One X, the world's most powerful console, at $499."

They are decidedly not showing that price on the big screen.

And now it sounds like an actual new triple-A... oh nope it's a thing from EA.  Or right we haven't seen BioWare's thing yet - Anthem.  Oh shit I've been writing Anathem for two days.  "A huge open world that is lush, savage, mysterious and ever-changing."

Sounds multiplayer.  Gorgeous graphics.

Excellent facial animations!  HAHAHAHAH.

You get like a badass Iron Man suit.  "Every player will own an array of exosuits we call Javelins."  Lots of different kinds, cutomizable. And they can fly!  Neat!  It's all co-op.  It's sooo pretty....

Whelp.  Anthem looks awesome.

And that's our show!

Solid effort, Microsoft.  Lotta' games, and some of those indies look sweet.   Okay, now to track down the trailers I'm missing...

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