Monday, June 12, 2017

E3 2017 - The Sony Press Conference.

Here.  We.  Go.

Starts off with a sizzle reel, as is tradition.  Wow Valkyria Revolution is in there lol.  Now a PSVR sizzle trailer.  Now a PS Vue commercial.  And now I have no idea what this is.

Okay we're starting now.  Some sitar music... Assassin's Creed again?  Man Ubi, I feel like I've seen enough of this game over the past two days.  But mayyybe it's for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy?

Yupppp.  New trailer!  Graphics so hot.

Sharp writing, gorgeous graphics...

Wow that was a great trailer.  But nothing on their YouTube channel yet... oooh Guerrilla!  Gimmie dat DLC!!!!!

Fuck yes.  New environment for Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Coming 2017!!!

Holy shit now Sony Bend is up!  Days Gone baby!

Lots of context-sensitive actions... shooting a dog while riding your motorbike, quicktime-event melee combat, investigating a crashed bike...

There's a stealth system - hiding in bushes, and stealth takedowns of human enemies.  The dude picks up a trap and lays it in anticipation of the fight to come, throws a rock to draw a guard to it, which draws some nearby zombies (from the sounds of it).  Then our hero happens across a bunch of zombies feeding, but sneaks by them.

I'm diggin' all of this.  It's like The Last of Horizon, kinda'.

Holy shit zombie bears!

And now, after three awesome trailers, Shawn Layden takes the stage.

"Let's just agree that we love games and we want to see more of them tonight.  Every year we continue to push the envelope of" yadda yadda yadda.  Shawn's better at public speaking, but not much better lol.

He's giving props to Horizon, Nioh, Persona 5, RE7, "and yet we have an even broader selection of blockbuster games coming soon."

"Worldwide studios is bringing you the exclusives you want."

Okay what's up next?  Loved how briefly he spoke before the next trailer, by the by...

Third-person, fantasy setting... this looks like Monster Hunter, man.

Dude with a giant sword.  No, those are Nioh-style special effects... He's hiding from lizard creatures in bushes - not fighting them with his giant sword.

Is this Monster Hunter???

It's like a triple-A Monster Hunter.  Or at least double-A with a little flava.

Holy fuck it's Capcom.

Holy fuck it is.  Monster Hunter World.

Good.  Lord.

They did it lol.

Coming early 2018. That's a feather in Sony's Japanese hat, I tell ya.

And now right into the next trailer.  From SCE Japan with Bluepoint Games.  It's Shadow of the Colossus!

Fuuuck yessss! Hahahahahah.

I'm welling up hahahah.  Coming 2018. 

Now it's... Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. Wow it looks like the game has a full crazy-ass campaign. Launches September 19th. Download a "story demo" today!

Ohhh Dante gives Ebony and Ivory to Rocket Raccoon I love it.

Now it's like WWII stuff... Battlefield DLC? No, it's the next Call of Duty.  Nice graphics!

Call of Duty WWII launches November 3.

Now it's PSVR stuff.  Oooh Skyrim's gonna' be on it.  That's cool.  Did we already know that?  I feel like this might be old news. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

And now something decidedly sci-fi.  Also PSVR.  But you observe a little dude running around environments in third-person.  Why is this VR?

Star Child.  Okay!  Losin' my buzz here, Sony.

Now like a '50s setting from Supermassive games (that standout horror title Until Dawn from two years back).  The Inpatient.

Now it's FFXV VR... fishing minigame.  Yayyyy.  Coming in 2017.

Now another one from Supermassive - appears to be a shooter, also VR... Urban combat.  Bravo Team.

Now what appears to be a magical book thing.   With an adorable little mouse with a sword and a kerchief - but you're not him, you're like a magical spirit that helps him on his quest.  Moss.  Now... I would play that!  ...if I had PSVR.

Please tell me the VR shit is over.  If it were Vita Shit I'd be singing a different tune.

Okay some dudes are rowing a boat up to... like a colossus... this is God of War!


Everything looks amazing, coming early 2018.

Why aren't Sony putting up the trailers on their YouTube channel?  this is killin' me, here.

Now there's a dude with a blue glowy thing on his head singing.

Detroit? Yes.

A pair of androids intend to free their kind from human control.  Looks very much like the limited/context-only action of Quantic Dreams' other stuff.  They're playing up the amount of choice in how the story progresses.

Release window..?  Nope.  Nothin'.

Right into the next trailer!

Oop, Destiny 2.

There'll be exclusive content for playstation - an exclusive Strike called Lake of Shadows, an exclusive ship, an exclusive exotic weapon, an exclusive map... alrighty.

And sounds like the next thing will be the last thing.  Spider Man I imagine?

We open on a modern cityscape... yep, Spider-Man.  Looks pretty damn good actually, but the swing mechanics don't seem skill-based at all. Coming 2018.

Not bad, Sony, but I was anticipating a big first-party reveal (that wasn't a remake of a PS3 game).

Still, that was a lot of games and like zero talking.  Some indies woulda' been nice!

Oop is there something else?  yep - more Spider-Man. Oh they're just teasing Miles Morales.

And that's it!

Okay, now Sony can you please put your fucking trailers on YouTube?!

Zombie Bears!

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