Friday, June 2, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 38 - Dibby Dibby Sound.

This clip show represents a kind of desperate clean-up of the Overwatch capture folder on my PS4.  It had exceeded 500 GB - far too much to actually sort through, meaning a lot of awesome moments were lost.

The other day my brother and I were in a skirmish, waiting to try our first (and last) Capture the Flag match.  We found a few reds chilling out with sit emotes near their spawn - a McCree, a Symmetra and a Junkrat - so we go to sit with them, but the McCree gets up and flashbangs me!  I rewind through his fan the hammer, kill him and sit right back down.  Then Junkrat throws his trap!  I blink away, kill him and sit back down.

It was sweet.  But that footage is gone, forever.  Oh well.  I really needed to wipe the Overwatch folder, because its size seemed to be effecting the recording quality (there would be time skips in videos), but I didn't want to wipe it without a clip show that contained...

  • The Mercy V. Genji duel that begins our show
  • The Payload Dance at the end of Route 66
  • The Quad-kill PotG towards the end of this video.  
So last night, when I retired for the evening, I spent two or three hours cutting it together, resampling the song as a constant bitrate version, and exporting it out of ShareFactory.  Then, finally, I deleted every video in the Overwatch folder.  

This house is clean.  

0:00 - 0:46 : A poor, defenseless Mercy on her way back from spawning is set upon by the enemy Genji!  With no allies to fly to and ask for assistance, her only option is to throw down.  I feel like this really highlights the low skill level we both have.  Did he know that my health begins regenerating after one second without taking damage?  Guess not - but I'll happily play the long game. 

Thank goodness the SUV was there. 

I've wanted to use Don't Fuck With Joe by The Blackwater Fever for a while, now, but I don't think it would make a good full-video song.  I feel like it's funny, here.  

0:46 - 1:32 : This was the first night of the Anniversary event, when the dance emotes and Tracer's Graffiti skin had only been available for a few hours.  I'll actually often switch off Tracer for the final push through Route 66 - Soldier or even Junkrat are often far better choices, given the long lines for snipers to shoot down and enemy Junks and Bastions to spam damage through - but my team was on point, I contributed a bit to every kill, here, and the entire push begins with me reaching out and smacking their Reinhardt like an big German mosquito.  

But really, it's just here because I danced the Charleston on the payload, all the way home.  

Oh, at this point, you may be wondering what the fuck this song is.  It's Dibby Dibby Sound by DJ Fresh Vs. Jay Fay, featuring Ms. Dynamite.  Often when I text my brother a link to one of my vids, he'll respond by texting me a link to a crazy music video out of eastern Europe that I tend to find a bit disturbing, but on Wednesday he sent me Dibby Dibby Sound and I had to throw it up against some gameplay to see how it felt. 

I like how it feels. 

1:42 - 1:56 : Speaking of which, I feel like all my videos should start with some kind of disclaimer that says "I know I'm not very good at Overwatch.  I've never been any good at multiplayer shooters, and I'd tried for years to get in to them, starting with Team Fortress 2 and Modern Warfare, and the experience was - uniformly - running into a playground only to get bashed in the face so hard your jawbone goes flying, by someone you never saw and never looked directly at you.  

So I stopped trying, for years - avoided the genre like the plague - until Overwatch.  And in Overwatch I can contribute, and it took a lot of practice but I can duel your McCree on my Tracer and I might just win, and whenever I do it still feels incredible.  Whenever I get any pick, really - the part of me that was terrified of these games for years shrieks "WOOOO!" and I am on top of the world with it.  

So yes, I only have a single golden gun in Overwatch.  Yes, I'm mid-gold.  Yes, I'm not that great - but I have so much fun."

And that's why there are clips of me finishing off a Zen and a McCree with melees.  Because it might look like nothin', but it feels like I just ran up the side of Mount Everest, leapt off the peak and found I could fly.  

2:11 - 2:19 : This is actually part of a much more impressive but much longer clip.  It starts with me coming out of the small building with the large health pack and wrecking their Mei, but then there's too long of a delay before I drop the pulse bomb on Tracer, get her, Ana and Hog, and then I dive on their Soldier and we have a ten-second duel that I eventually win - but the Mei and Soldier picks had too much nothing in between them to make for good clip show footage :(

2:38 - 2:50 : While even getting a pick remains a thrill, finishing an enemy off with a melee strike feels like... I dunno, hitting a new plateau of ability in the game.  When someone finishes me off with a melee, I always feel like I just got really wrecked by someone who was playing this game on another level, so every time I manage it, it's a triumph.

Doing it to Zen right before doing it to a Hanzo?

2:50 - 3:23 : Getting picks is important, naturally, but lately I've been spending more time worrying about my deaths per match/round.  I can have an excellent match if I don't exceed, let's say, five deaths, and incredible matches happen when I can keep myself alive save one or two deaths.  And that actually happens, sometimes!

This stretch - picking their McCree like eight seconds into the match, waiting for Mercy to come to me and getting her perfectly, finishing Orisa, taking Mei with Sombra and finally shoving their Soldier and McCree back across the bridge when McCree came back from spawn - is a great tear to open a match.  It's also a good example of managing cooldowns on Tracer.

The first thing young Tracers are told, when asking for advice is "the rhythm is shoot, blink while reloading, repeat" - but it eventually becomes very important to not just reflexively use those blinks after unloading a clip when you're not in danger.  If you can pick a good spot (behind the Orisa) where you can just lay out a few clips without having to evade, that leaves you in a far more advantageous spot - and permits me to zip onto the point when Mei starts to contest it, and zip over to Soldier when our Zen discords him.

Nice work.

3:23 - 3:54 : An excellent tear and PotG on Gibraltar, you can see me trying to kill Junkrat's trap before our D.Va runs forward and gets snared in it.  Oh well.  Her MEKA gets torn apart almost-instantly by the entire enemy team, but the opportunity to feed on her distracts them from the Tracer who just shot through their line.  The Pulse Bomb hurts Winston, but kills Junk and Hanzo instantly.  Mei Ice Blocks to protect herself from the blast, only to get insta-picked when she comes out and tries to freeze me, and Lucio is quickly chased down to clear the point.

Winston returns after wrecking half of our team, but that's okay, because he's no match for Orisa and I, combined, and the payload has already hit the checkpoint.


4:09 - 4:28 : I switched to Soldier on this Dorado defense solely to counter that goddamned enemy Pharah, and of course I don't even notice she's up there under after my TacVisor ends - but shooting her out of the sky, perfectly, with a single clip?


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