Thursday, June 15, 2017

SUPERHOT lands on PS4 "in a few weeks."

I didn't let my curiosity get too piqued when SUPERHOT VR appeared in Sony's conference this week - I've always wanted to play the indie darling, but Sony only suggested it as a VR title, so I disregarded it.  The game was an indie darling last year when it launched on PCs and Xbox, and we'd been hearing (very good things) about it for years prior to its release - so the news today from the PlayStation blog that it's "coming in just a few weeks to PlayStation 4 with a specially-tuned VR version in tow" slapped it right back on my radar.

SUPERHOT, you probably already know, is an indie first person shooter/puzzler in which time only moves when you move.  So you can be in the middle of a gunfight with a bloom of buckshot heading towards you and just... stop moving.  And the pellets will hang there in mid-air, everyone frozen, until you begin to move out of the way and time rolls along again.

You can like pick up guns from fallen enemies and use 'em 'till they're empty and then throw them into a red crystal dude's face and when it hits his face his face like explodes like broken glass.  S'kinda' awesome.

So what exactly does "in a few weeks" mean?  What precise date can PlayStation players check out SUPERHOT?  Well, according to that post on the PS Blog it means... "in just a few short weeks.."

That is seriously as specific at is gets.  Oh well.  Still, pleased I'll finally have the chance to play it!

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