Sunday, June 4, 2017

This is probably my best Play of the Game ever.

My brother and I are playing quickplay last night and he's pressuring me to do comp with him.  I explain to him that, no, I don't feel like doing my placements at the moment because I've been sucking all weekend, not getting anything really done with Tracer or Mercy.  (My winrate is okay, but my performance has been a bit less than acceptable, by my standards.)

But he won't fucking shut up about it and he's guilt-tripping me about how after placements we may not be able to play comp together any more (if the SR system puts us more than a thousand points apart, as it did last season), so I break and say fine.  

We're on Lijiang, and we have a Lucio.  I lock Tracer.  

After this - early in the first round - their McCree babysat their backline and was always there to threaten me when I appeared, but I ended up dying once in round one, nonce in round two and five times in round 3, but we pulled it off and I got the elims card yaaay!

Then I went Mercy on Numbani and we got our asses whupped.  Feelsbadman.GIF. 


  1. DIE...DIE...DIE...*

    *Tracer in a mockingly growly Reaper voice

    1. I still get a little thrill when I kill a Reaper and get Tracer's mocking "Death comes!"