Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two Indies we really should have heard more about over the last two days.

Okay, so first off, check out Project Code: SHIFT, a very search-unfriendly name for an absolutely gorgeous single-player 2D brawler.

Project Code: SHIFT appeared briefly during Microsoft's presser, but this trailer just kinda' blew me away.  One wonders if that high-flyin' combat might wear out its welcome after a bit, but either way it is pullin' teeth to try to find any information on the game.  Some comments on their YouTube channel suggest it might be coming to Switch, but the nearest thing I can find is this site that lists the game for Windows and Xbox.

Second, better-looking and more exciting (and multiplatform!) is... Unruly Heroes.  Not a great title either, but check out this gameplay.  It's like someone took the UbiArt Framework and just went nuts with it.

It's listed for PS4, One and Switch, and it's being shown at the Microsoft booth at E3.  Wonder what the release window is on these two..?

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