Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why is Savage: Road to Darkness only appearing on my news feeds NOW?

It's lovely, no?

You're like a ninja crocodile and the devs describe it as "born of the romance between Ghost Goblins and Pang, living in worlds like Naruto and Hellboy," that all sounds fucking awesome.  The game is being Kickstarted and they're only looking for thirty thousand Euros, but the campaign's been up since the start of June, and they haven't even collected three grand.

And now, we're finally hearing about it on the day Microsoft is set to take the E3 stage and kick off some Serious Video Game Business, and this thing is gonna' get lost in the tide of E3 news.

So here's to you, Savage: Road to Darkness - we barely knew you, and will never know you. of the stretch goals is Switch.

This whole thing is just a shame.

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