Friday, August 25, 2017

It's time for you to watch the latest Ruiner trailer.

You may recall, faithful reader of this blog (I really appreciate that, by the way), faithful listener of the Chamberlain & Chance podcast (now with Alex!), Chamberlain's reaction to my description of Ruiner this week, when I read the news that it will launch on PS4, Xbox and PC on September 26th.
CHAMBERLAIN: Y'know what? I haven't even heard of that.

CHANCE: Oh man - watch a trailer for that shit.

ALEX: Is that that 8-bit thing that was gorgeous?

CHANCE: No, it's like, it's like high-def top-down sci-fi Hotline Miami.

ALEX: Huh.


CHANCE: Yeah, watch a trailer for that.  It looks pretty fucking good. 
You may then recall his reaction to footage of it, a few minutes later. 
CHAMBERLAIN: Holy shit, this, this Ruiner thing is something I need like right now.   Holy c- like- awww...

CHANCE: It looks pretty fucking good, doesn't it?  Listener, go to YouTube, type in Ruiner.
Reader.  Dear, sweet, treasured reader.

Press play.

The substance looks like it could/should be pleasantly deep.  The style is something I need to check out.

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