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Overwatch Clip Show 40 - My Type.

My Overwatch capture folder, once again, runneth over.  This can often lead to problems with capturing footage - there will be one or half-second stutters that really fuck up my shit - but this seems to have resolved itself with a recent firmware update or somethin'.  Either way, I was sitting on about 185GB of captures, going all the way back to the Lunar New Year event.

For this clip show, I confined myself to stuff captured since the Anniversary event.

While not my best, at the moment I feel like My Type is in the top three, alongside Believer and Lone Digger.  For some reason it thrills me less than those two, despite being the one I'm most uniformly pleased with, in terms of editing and matching the beats of the song up with events in the gameplay (Lone Digger's synch really falls apart on the last chorus, as I didn't have a Play of the Game worthy of a capper, there).

For My Type - the song is by indie band Saint Motel, who also nobly contributed to the Mercy vid Destroyer - I wasn't worried about epic PotGs like the opener or capper of Believer, or the midpoint of Lone Digger.  What was important to me was getting a pulse bomb kill, within a Play of the Game, detonating each time the word "type" is belted out in the chorus - which is nine times throughout the song.  The video contains eight Tracer PotGs - a new record! - simply because, once I got all nine PotGs in, I wasn't happy with how the last repetition of the line, which leads in to the end of the song, meshed with the final PotG (I dropped a pulse bomb on a Bastion, Torb and Torb turret at Volskaya B, then killed their Mercy).

So I scrapped that, because the final pulse bomb had to be... well, the one you see here - probably my favorite one all summer, but tragically not a Play of the Game.

Standard disclaimers: 
I play on PS4. 
Overwatch is my first multiplayer shooter. 
I'm not very good. 
I have so much fun.

Let's begin.

0:00 - 0:20 : Self-explanatory.  He should not have drawn that bow on me.  Our peace!  Shattered!

0:20 - 0:59 : A lovely start to a match on Oasis.  Pharahs like to think that they counter Tracers - and I'm told I'm a rare Tracer for actually taking advantage of the fact that I wield a hitscan weapon against them - but either way, abandoning Rein and taking the left flank was the right call, here.

Pharah goes down, and now I'm behind enemy lines, able to get the jump on both Junkrat and McCree, as McCree tries to escape our Mei - and then I'm in a prime spot to put down Zarya.

A lovely start.

0:59 - 1:24 : A lotta' nice melee kills, here.  Sombra thinks she's safe next to her hacked mega health pack, but it takes three seconds to respawn (I think).  My brother is calling me back to the point, so I zip over there and that is the best Mercy takedown I have ever done.  In terms of song-sync, I love that the Mercy melee kill lines up with the singer going "ooh", the McCree ult shutdown lines up with an "ahhh," the second Sombra melee kill lines up with another "ooh," the Tracer snipe lines up with an "ahhh" and the Soldier jump, again, goes with an "ooh."

This pleases me.

1:24 - 1:52 : The first chorus.

PotG 1: Sorry, big guy.  I'm frankly ashamed that it took two clips to get that Ana and, for the record, I immediately died when I dove on the Torb, who had set up a turret at their spawn (after I picked him a bit earlier).

PotG 2: We lost this attack on Eichenwald - that Mercy would just not die - but at least I scored a sick PotG by finishing off Orisa (Mercy ulted to save herself from me focusing her) and sticking my pulse bomb to D.Va's mech just as she ulted.  This insta-killed her as she popped out of her mech, along with Pharah.

PotG 3: Still on Eichenwald, I dive on their Ana as my team goes for the point, and finish her off as their Torb comes back from spawn.  Our Zarya ults just in time for me to drop a pulse bomb into it, and Torb walks right into the explosion but doesn't die - because this is a Total Mayhem game, and everyone has double health.  So then I finish him off.  Not too shabby.

1:52 - 2:12 : This is the same Oasis game that opened our show, and the same Pharah I picked first, there.  This time she tries to bail as soon as she can, but it's too late.  Meanwhile, McCree has been softening me up from behind, but my brother backs me up (!), shifting McCree's attention for long enough that I can finish him off.  Their Mercy flies in to help him, but finds herself alone with a corpse instead (I've done this a zillion times) - easy pickings.

Also, I love that "when there's lovin' in the air" coincides with the Pharah takedown, "don't fight it, just keep breathin'" goes with the McCree kill, "I can't help myself but stare," goes with Mercy and "double check for double meaning" lines up with not only all of the above, but the fact that a McCree pops out of Sym's teleporter the moment I stick her, resulting in a double.  Hah.

2:12 - 2:39 : The second chorus.

PotG 1: This was a really nice one.  Frankly, dueling a Lucio as Tracer can often be pretty iffy - if he can land his shots.  This one doesn't, and he goes down in time to be included in the PotG.  I was expecting the Mercy to be caught in the pulse bomb I stuck to Soldier, but it gets me a double with their Tracer, and I finish off the Mercy with a melee.  Delicious.  The Mercy kill was cut off in the PotG but, thankfully, so was my death at the hands of the Hanzo whose scatter arrow I jump over just before the Mercy kill.

PotG 2: Sticking my pulse bomb to Ana catches her and the Lucio, and that's generally enough to earn a Play of the Game in a Total Mayhem match (it's impossible to score kills in TM).

PotG 3: The PotG from the Snipers Are Delicious match highlights vid.  Tragically, I had to do a time bend to include the Hanzo melee kill and the Hog/Tracer kill I wanted to line up with "just my type."  You have no idea how much that pained me.

I found myself almost bothered that I had to include it, here (instead of, for example, the PotG I cut from the end), but I realized that I did have to include it.  I didn't understand why until I reflected on that particular PotG and the particular match it came from, and ended up producing... what you'll find at the bottom of this post. The short version is, I love this PotG because reasons.

2:39 - 3:02 : As usual, some of my best work is done before the point opens on a control map.  I dive their back line and slip past their Ana and Zen, buzzing them and dodging behind cover, keeping their attention off the allies they should be healing and the enemies they should be debuffing.  I'm not able to get much done until their Genji retreats back to them in search of heals, and I pick him.

Lucky thing I grabbed the health pack, or Zen's volley would've killed me.  I bail in a feint and rewind back behind the Ana, picking her in a beautiful single clip and melee, and then it's on to the Zen, who never even turns around.  The point is ours.

3:02 - 3:19 : This is the sequence I describe on the podcast this week.  I toss my pulse bomb into the choke, only to have it be deflected by their Genji.  It is, then, re-deflected by our Genji - it becomes his projectile - which takes out Reaper and McCree.

I pick the Mercy and go to bail out as their Genji ults, but Lucio sound barriers us and I zip back in in time to pick their Tracer, and lay down enough DPS into Doomfist as he lands his ult to get the pick.

And that's game.

3:19 - 4:00 : The third chorus.

PotG 1: A humble double on Ilios.  But it's a meaningful double when it's the Junkrat who's been causing you trouble all match.  I lay some damage into him and he blows me away with his concussion mine, but I rewind out of the damage as he retreats for the mega health pack.  Knowing he's going for the pack, I decide he's going to come straight back towards the point, and I slap him in the chest with the pulse bomb as he comes around the corner, before he can even get a grenade off.

Getting the Hanzo is just icing.

PotG 2: I'm trying (and failing) to get a bead on Doomfist on Ilios when our Lucio boops him off the edge of the world, and zip out to eat a bit of Junkrat spam.  A pulse bomb stuck to him takes out the Ana too, and I'm able to finish the Hog with the rest of my team.

PotG 3: not a PotG, but you'll agree it's better than almost any other here.

I'm behind enemy lines on Hanamura, harrying their Mercy.  She dances back and forth at the choke, desperately healing her tanks and hoping to get their attention on me when she zips away (beautifully, at the line "I think it's time that we were leaving.")

I put a nice clip into her, reducing her to a melee's worth of damage as she slips behind cover, still healing her tanks as her self-heal kicks in.  My Zarya ults at the choke as I dive towards Mercy, and I snap my view around to toss a pulse bomb into the grav, instantly returning my attention to Mercy and finishing her before she can get the rez off.



4:00 - 4:27 : Dude, I was dancing with you, and you wanna' take a shot at me?

For the record, the Lucio remained peaceful, teabagging the dead Doomfist - which in hindsight, makes me feel a bit bad about killing him, too.

And that's our show!

Oh - wait.  The Orisa.  The Pacifist Orisa.

You may remember Match Highlights 6 - Snipers Are Delicious, which also provided the third PotG in our second chorus above.  I love that PotG because that was a very... charismatic match - and a big part of it is a story I never told - that of The Pacifist Orisa, and the Tracer who drove her to forsake her vow of nonviolence.

This is her story.

And that is our show. 

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