Friday, August 25, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 41 - Three Fingers.

I'm really happy with this one.  I decided to use my two favorite Mercy PotGs - the one where I don't rez, but instead get a triple-kill, and the one from last week where I used the Rez invincibility to tank a McCree ult - but elsewhere it's about Tracer play that's mostly not about getting a bunch of value out of Pulse Bomb.

This weeks songs are Comics by Caravan Palace for the Mercy bits and Three Fingers by Rivals Sons (who were featured in the Young Love clip show) for the Tracer bits.  I hope you like it!

Here it is on YouTube if you prefer (compression isn't as good as Vimeo, in my opinion).

0:26 - 0:34 : That Soldier did not see that shit comin'.  He was like "oh shit, free Mercy pick- whatthefuck, whatthefuckOH GOD."

0:34 - 0:40 : The Mercy killing this Tracer is not me.  This is a Mercy who killed me, on Tracer - I am the Tracer who dies in one smooth sweeping spray from this Mercy - and I was like "oh shits, I better give this Mercy some respect for the rest of this match."

0:41 - 1:06 : Later that same match.  Now, at first blush, this may seem like I'm literally disrespecting this Mercy as I blink past her while making Tracer say "ooh, scary!", but I'm not.  I'm actually engaging in psychological warfare to piss her off before I return to pick her.

And it works.  After the match, this Mercy sends me hate mail over PSN to let me know what a cowardly Tracer I am, to stoop to killing a Mercy, and that it was very sad - so you know Psychological Warfare just moved up in my book.

1:06 - 1:18 : The PotGs in this clip show - there are two - are uniformly less impressive than most of the other gameplay, to me.  But this was hilarious.  I watched that Junkrat lay his trap!  I'm like five yards from Sym, vulnerable as a wee lamb and she's just ignoring me.  (Wave.) "Hi!"

1:18 - 1:37 : A very effective defense push, off the back of Mei's ult.  I land a perfect clip of headshots on D.Va, pick the Zen (who very nearly kills me), put most of the required damage into Widow and then push up and do a sweet little dance with their McCree.

This is the editing I spoke about in the podcast - there's... I'm not musical, so I don't know how to describe it - but I love how I was able to match up the blink just before the McCree pick, the twist of the camera to focus on the McCree, the pick and the blink after with individual smashes on the drums.

...I like it, is all.

1:46 - 1:55 : Okay, this may just look like a wasted Pulse Bomb, but being in the trap, having just zipped past their Hanzo, I decided I might not have enough time to empty my pistols into Junkrat before the Hanzo headshots me.

The Hanzo didn't seem to have any idea where I was, for the record, but I still find the toss, wave and detonation pretty funny.

2:01 - 2:07 : This remains a gorgeous pick of That Monstrous Sombra who was so damned good I sent her a PSN message telling her so.  It's so sexy I had to include it.

2:07 - 2:21 : The team actually didn't end up making much of this incredibly effective flank by their Tracer.  The Widow pick was just being in the right place at the right time, but I was thrilled to contribute to that Hog's downfall, as he'd been nailing his hooks on me all match.  The takedown of an ulting Soldier who was looking right at me?

That shit is fucking epic.  Once again, it's timed so the beats line up with the blinks, "on the rocks" lines up with the rewind, and the big drum smash comes with the blink after the kill, not the kill itself.  I enjoy this.

2:32 - 2:39 : Hahahahahahaahahah.

2:39 - 2:51 : Including The Sombra Pick, a full four clips from Match Highlights 9 appear in this Clip Show.  This one was selected because after the Pharah pick (gorgeous!), it slows right down as I try to get a bead on the Lucio - along with the song.

2:51 - 2:58 : This is The McCree from a pretty darn good match on Nepal... that we lost.  Maybe because I was focusing on a McCree for most of round 2.  But I meet this McCree, we tussle and I kill him.  Then, I kill him again.  Then, I kill him a third and a fourth time.  In round 3, I blink past my team - and his entire team - to position myself behind him.

Only he's not McCree any more - now he's a Hanzo holding a golden bow.  PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!  "Ooh, scary!" I say.

The rest of his team pushes forward to engage mine.  He stays behind to deal with the Tracer who was fucking with him last round.

The rewind, behind him back into the room?  Calculated.


For the record, the next time we met, I killed him with a melee.  For the further record, the seventh time we tussled, he wrecked me with a single scatter arrow.  Good job, McHanzo!

'Cause you know that was like super cathartic for him lol.

2:58 - 3:09 : Again, a slower-paced clip for a slower part of the song, and another easy-going PotG - notable only because I'm proud of the restraint I showed in the second clip on the Mercy.  I start to spray - stop, adjust my aim, exhale - and finish her before she can dive in for the rez.


3:09 - 3:38 : Another clip from Match Highlights 9, to again go with the slower part of the song.  I love that McCree and I say "hello" to each other, and he doesn't even try to kill me.  I love that The Monstrous Sombra switched to Hanzo, bumped into me and got wrecked in two smooth clips, and I love that (1) I lined up the drum smash not with a kill, but with Lucio's boop on me and (2) I dueled half their team at once and won. 

3:54 - 4:03 : I would like it noted that this Widow had used her ult just before I came around the corner - she knew I was comin'.

I would also like it noted that, like the McCree in King's Row, the Soldier in Volskaya, the drum beats line up with my blink and deking of her shots.  The melee kill had to go on the final drum smash, obviously.

And then it's my Best Mercy PotG Ever.

And that's our show!

G'night everybody!


Oh no

I have terrible news.  People have been nice about my vids on NeoGAF.  

The best I ever get is people telling me I've lined up the action to the music well, or that my music choices are good - but people never say nice things about the gameplay itself, or how I play Tracer, but...

First a forumer told me I'm "better than most Tracers I see on PS4" in response to Match Highlights 9.  Then someone said my Tracer is "such an annoying little troll" and "a joy to watch," which floors me, and I'm like "well if you liked that I just put up a new highlight vid," and they reply "oh I watched it hours ago - I subscribe to you on YouTube."

Which just... I was speechless. 


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