Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Overwatch Match Highlights 10 - In These Shoes? (The Nepal McCree)

Naturally, I had to turn The Nepal McCree into his own Match Highlights vid.  The takedowns (until the last two) aren't as entertaining as what I did to The Hanamura Widow in Match Highlights 1, but the fact that we tussled, one-on-one, seven times throughout the match makes it pretty special.

Worth noting - McCree is not this player's main.  Tracer is my main, and I am thus at a significant advantage - McCree is a soft counter to Tracer at best, and if you're a real good McCree, I will fear you like few others.  As such, whenever there's a McCree on the field, he becomes a very high priority - and, naturally, the fact that he was going after me put him at the top of my list - even if he was just practicing.  

You can't really hear it, in the video, but when he finally takes me down at the end, you can see him stop moving for a split-second.

That split second is what it took for him to open his dialogue wheel and select "hello!"

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