Sunday, September 10, 2017

Overwatch Match Highlights 11 - Big Bad Wolf 2 (Widow & Tracer's Guide to Internet Etiquette)

Before we begin, I feel it's important to say that whenever I trip over a Widow's mine or hear her ult - and it's a Widow I'm scared of - I'm either fighting the urge to wave and dance from behind a wall, or I'm waving and dancing from behind a wall.

This was last night! The Zenyatta and Winston were carrying, for the record - but I had a lot of fun. Every time I came back to the team fight after dealing with the Widow, it would be half-done and there'd only be one or two reds that needed some attention.

Good times.

I've received PSN messages before about Overwatch - generally hate mail - but every so often someone will reach out and be nice.  I try to reach out and be nice when someone really impresses me, but for The Widow Who Really Made That Last Match Fun to do it..?  Oh man that's delicious.

The deferred-payoff-to-all-the-approaches thing I do in the video here, with all the kills coming in swift succession later, is something I've been toying with, in my head, for a while.  Does it work?  Please let me know if it works (and if it doesn't, of course!)

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