Friday, September 1, 2017


Haven't done this in a while, eh?  My iPod has been a bit... static, lately.  I've mostly been thumbing through old favorites, adding them to and removing them from a playlist called "Options," which represents tracks that might end up in clips shows one day.

I've wanted to use Sleepwalker and In These Shoes since forever, so I'm glad those happened lately.  Sleepwalker is so good a song that I'm kinda' sad I used it up on a Match Highlights, but still!

First up, a strong contender for the next Clip Show (if I decide not to use What You Know by Two Fingers).   After My Type and Three Fingers, I wanna' use something more... "modern" for the next one.  Something with synths or dubs (of the step variety) or like, record scratches.  Every so often I look in to what Battle Tapes are doing, having fallen in love with their sound in Grand Theft Auto V, and last night when I looked 'em up, I finally found some new jams.

Last Resort & Spa is the first song off Battle Tapes' latest EP - which I purchased with cash money this morning - and I can't recommend the full EP.  I'd say just grab it as a single if you like it - but they released a full album called Polygon in 2015, and most of that is pret-ty good.  In particular, once the Mercy rework hits live and I'm able to put some time into it, you're probably going to get a Clip Show called Valkyrie.

I want to use more blues and rock stuff - I really feel like the Rival Sons Clip Shows (Young Love and Three Fingers) and blues songs (Back Door Tracer, Where's My Money) really give the vids a nice energy, but rare is the classic blues song that's blues-rock enough to work as a Clip Show.  Right now, Messin' With The Kid by Baby Huey & The Babysitters is at the top of the list.

In fact, the Believer Clip Show woulda' been called Messin' With The Kid if it were possible to include all the relevant footage in under two minutes.  It really works, and it's probably gonna' get used.  Another one I really want to use is Shake For Me by Howlin' Wolf.

Messin' With The Kid in particular is kinda' beggin' for a Match Highlights that starts off with me getting wrecked by someone, and then coming back and booting them all over the map - but I have little authority over how matches go.  One day!  Maybe!

Wonderland by Caravan Palace is still a strong contender,

but right now, as I was looking up music and I let Last Resort & Spa play off YouTube in the background, it autoplayed Chet Faker's Gold afterward.

I saw the video for Gold, years ago I think, embedded in one of the Gawker sites.  I watched it and was hypnotized by pretty rollerskating ladies with terribly impressive abdominal muscles (I remember feeling certain, at the time, that the road beneath them was a special effect, as they don't seem to throw distinct shadows on the pavement behind them), but didn't stop and listen to the song.  I think the hypnosis was due to a combination of the superfly rollerladies and Gold's silky-smooth jam, and given that this song is at like 95 million views on YouTube, this probably isn't new to you, but if it is, I beseech you... not distracted by the pretty rollerskating ladies with terribly impressive abs!  Hide the window, look away, and just listen to the song.

I think the next artist I'm investigating is Chet Faker.


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