Saturday, September 2, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 42 - What You Know.

Oftentimes, Clip Shows spring forth from an opening that I like.  I had mucked around with the opening of Young Love with dozens of different songs until I found the one that works.  Lone Digger is entirely a result of the opening Hanzo and Mercy takedowns syncing with the song so well, so I built the rest of the video around it.

I've had What You Know by Two Fingers on the Options USB for like... a year, now.  The song is so constantly-energetic that I didn't think I'd ever end up using it, but for some reason I dropped it in on the first clip, and let the first "Po-lice are com-in'"  sync up with the kills, and it formed such a perfect explosion of music and action - after the placid silence of the approach - that I had to see if I actually had enough clips to make it work.  I wanted Pulse Bomb kills for the rest of the repeats of "police are comin'", and for the first two-thirds of the time I was working on it, Pulse Bomb kills for the "woop woop/flashing lights."  Last night, I kept the Pulse Bomb kills for "police are comin'", tossed all the rest and decided I wanted duels for the "woop woop"s instead, and I found it pleasing.

I don't think it's my best, or even in the top five probably, but it satisfies - and the bit at the very end is one of my favorite Overwatch interactions ever.

Oh - here it is on YouTube, if you prefer.

Of note...

0:18 - 0:23 : Note that the Pulse Bomb explosion is not what kills the Widow.  What kills the Widow is being hit by the Pulse Bomb when I toss it (it does five damage when it sticks).  Ha!

0:46 - 0:53 : Nine times out of ten when I pick a certain hero on Eichenwald attack - if I'm the tank, the healer, whatever - I end up swapping out and going Tracer, because no one (myself included) can break a solid Eichenwald defense while the healer is alive or the Sym's teleporter is up.  So I swap to Tracer, get behind enemy lines, and get the damned Mercy pick.

0:54 - 1:02 : Pros will tell you to only use Rewind as a last-resort thing to save your life when your health takes a dip.  As a general rule, I agree, but I get a lot of success out of using Rewind to augment Tracer's already-ridiculous mobility.  Using Rewind to achieve otherwise-impossible movement - that ends in a pick - is a very sweet plum.  Doing it to a gold gun Widow?  Delicious.

1:02 - 1:17 : My favorite part of this is actually the leap over the Hanzo's Scatter Arrow.  I mean, wrecking half a team in fifteen seconds is very nice, don't get me wrong, but that Scatter coulda' stopped that attempt right in its tracks.

1:17 - 1:25 : A really good Doomfist is monstrous, of course - but since the new patch, they don't tend to accidentally one-shot me as often (the hitbox on his punch was reduced).

The most important thing to learn about duelling Doomfists is exactly how long he needs to charge that punch to one-shot you.  Most will fully charge it - it travels further, knocks you further and better-guarantees you'll hit a wall and die - but this one gave it like a quarter or two-fifths charge - which is why I don't die.

I recall out, give him a little sass and that's all she wrote.

1:41 - 1:47 : Worth noting: Tracer can cut through a Mercy's healing beam like a knife through butter, if you can land your shots.

1:48 - 2:22 : Despite a bit of silliness, this is the headliner of the whole clip show.  Unlike the Eichenwald push near the beginning, this one starts with the Mercy pick.  I know the way I handle the D.Va seems ridiculous - and I would have done it very differently if that health pack hadn't been hacked - but it gave her the confidence to stay back there, solo, with me, and let me get the pick.

Two down.

A Pulse Bomb takes out Orisa and Soldier (with a little help from Reaper), I put 50% of the damage required to finish off Doomfist and Junkrat serves himself up on a plate.  Thirty seconds, and a whole enemy team.

2:22 - 2:29 : Sneaky Tracer!  This McCree had Flashbang'd me, but hadn't landed his Fan the Hammer and I rewound back to safety.  Then, when he backed off to grab the health pack, I snuck into the room he was guarding at a beneficial angle.  While he takes potshots at my team, he's positioning himself to eat nearly a full clip from my Pulse Pistols, and we're able to push through.

2:29 - 2:38 : This is Junkrat 2.0 in action.  Well, specifically, I suspect it was an Amateur Junkrat 2.0 in action.  He didn't land a thing on me.

2:38 - 2:46 : Using Rewind like this - as a movement ability instead of health recovery - is inadvisable.  But it works so often.

2:46 - 3:00 : This match started with a solid push on the point where we bonked them all off pretty easily, on the back of a nice aggressive D.Va and a Reaper who was landing his shots beautifully - always finishing off what I'd scratched up.  After we cleared the point, this Widow was threatening the Reaper so I dove on her and took her out.

We cleaned up some stragglers on the point, and I started heading towards their spawn to slow reinforcements.  As I did, I crossed paths with their Soldier - he took some shots at me, but I ignored him and continued on.  The Widow saw me coming from 50 yards out, but I approached under cover and then what you see here happens.

Widow, Doomfist and Soldier all tryin' to kill poor little Tracer - but I get my Widow pick, I get outta' Dodge and I get to give them a saucy wave.

3:05 - 3:19 : I just wanted to be your friend, Widow.  I just wanted to be your friend.

Well, "hi," for the record.

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