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Overwatch Clip Show 43 - Season 6 Placements (and Skirmish Shenanigans)

It really bugs me that Mercy's wings are in the wrong place.
But I don't mind the extra buckles on Tracer.  Weeeird.

I've actually always tried to capture my placement matches, but then I pretty much reliably do nothing with them.  I guess one of my placement matches from Season 5 went in to the Lone Digger clip show, but I didn't even finish placing!

I've been... off of Competitive mode in Overwatch for the better part of a year.  I placed "46" in Season 1 - the equivalent of high Gold, I think - which I found very satisfying.  Having accepted that multiplayer shooters just weren't for me for my entire gaming life, managing to establish myself as "slightly below average" in Overwatch was... well, I was hugely proud of it.  A humble glory, for me.

I'm not great - no - but I'm also a far cry from the worst.  That's nice to know, in life and in gaming.

In Season 2 I really tried, and I made it to Platinum on the back of some reliable Zenyatta play (my first real Clip Show, come to think of it), but that represents my peak for my entire Overwatch career.

Peaked at 2544 - the very bottom of Platinum rank - and I never broke Platinum again.  Platinum is not slightly below average.  Precisely average, in Overwatch competitive rankings, is 2500 - the line between Gold and Platinum.  By hitting Platinum, I was slightly above average, and it was... absolutely colossal.  I never imagined I'd accomplish it.

But - again - I've been off Competitive mode, for a while.  Didn't want the pressure.

-source- (NSFW)

Did my placements in Season 3, and got slammed down to low Gold at 2108.  Disappointing, after reaching such heights.

My placements in Season 4 - when they were placing people 200 points lower than their genuine ranking - was 2338.  Way better than Season 3 - acceptable!  And, once placing, I didn't touch it again.

Didn't even place in Season 5.  Not sure why.  Maybe it was the fear of getting placed another 200 points lower, and ending up in Bronze, unable to claw my way up without teams attempting a semblance of teamwork.  Never placed.

I had Monday off, this past week (so did you, I imagine).  On Sunday night, around 11:00 PM, my brother finally came online, prepared to play some Overwatch with me.  I'd promised him we'd do our placements together.

We warmed up with three or four quickplay matches.  I don't think he believed that I was actually going to play Comp with him.  I've always got some excuse.  "Mercy's SR gain is fucked right now."  "Placements are fucked right now."   "I'm not playing comp where Bastion has a 35% damage reduction in Turret mode."  I knew he wanted to play comp, but beyond not wanting the stress of it, I always had an excuse.  Which doesn't sit well.

So on Sunday, we did all ten placement matches in one long session, with a couple of cigarette breaks in between.  And here they are, over the course of three minutes and forty seconds.  (Then, after, there's some Tracer shenanigans during skirmishes.)

Oh, and all the matches are in order.  I think the only time I moved a clip was the first one, here.

0:07 - 0:20 : A smooth two-clip on a Junkrat, and a big Fuck You to a Torbjorn.  Junkrat makes problems for me on a good day, and Torb is the closest thing to a genuine Tracer counter that I can think of, so this was very satisfying.

0:20 - 0:28 : Very.  Satisfying.

0:28 - 0:35 : This occurred about three seconds after my Zarya's ult - which had grabbed two thirds of the enemy team - ended.  If she'd've fucking asked if my ult was ready, we coulda' wiped that team - but I had to get behind the tank to get my ult.  Then I stuck him, bailed, got two for the trouble and picked the Mercy.  Nice.

We lost.  But I ended up with 38 elims - same as the enemy Junkrat who got the Best Elims card - so that satisfies.

0:43 - 0:57 : I went Mercy on King's Row defense, tryin' to be a team player, but they broke us pretty quick and began shoving us back absolutely freely.  What precedes this clip is almost a full minute of me hooking up my healing beam to whichever one or two of my team was throwing themselves at the reds, watching them die, escaping myself and supporting the next slab of meat as they went into the grinder.

Eating this Pharah ult was the last straw.  Switched to Tracer and got some work in, but it wasn't enough.  They made it all the way to the end.

0:57 - 1:11 : I instalocked Tracer on attack, but it was no use.  Every time their Sym dropped her TP, I wrecked it within fifteen seconds, three times - enough for the fucking The Path Is Closed trophy - to no avail.

We lose, barely take the first point and get no further, but at least the Tracer who went Mercy for most of the first round is gold on elims.

1:11 - 1:42 : How well I do, on Mercy, is a direct reflection of the team around me.  Mercy enhances her team.  If they do well, she can do very well.  If they're doing poorly, she can get nothing done.

I went Mercy on attack and defense, here, and did very well.  Four elims for the next Mercy Clip Show is very much icing on the cake.

1:42 - 1:55 : I never play Lucio - I generally feel like I just can't survive when I'm playing him - but he was too perfect a fit for the comp the rest of my team picked out, so I had to give it a shot and oh my God I shot a Pharah out of the sky on Lucio!  We took point A with ease, and point B after I switched to Zenyatta.

On defense, we full-held point A thanks to an excellent Reinhardt and a Mercy who was super on top of her game.  Putting this Sym orb, perfectly, into that Soldier to wreck him and his Mercy was a delicious play.  He'd just finished getting nothing out of his ultimate, too ^.^

Gold elims playing Support all match.  Weeird.

1:55 - 2:11 : I'm always a little proud when I shoot a Pharah out of the sky on Tracer.  Mostly because my effective range is far shorter than hers, but perhaps more because Tracers are known not to do this.

No, it's not lost on me that I got no medals on Tracer the one time (so far) I won a match on her. Felt weird, but we won.

2:11 - 2:18 : This match I was rubberbanding all over, crippled by incredible lag.  It was so pronounced as such a departure from the earlier games, that I wondered if I was getting DDOS'd somehow.  That's... not what it was.

I may have lost my mind, and left a program running on my computer that eats up a ton of bandwidth when the mood hits it.  ...possibly.   It was running for all ten placement matches.

Either way, we lost on Oasis when I was on Tracer, and that is not fucking cool.

2:18 - 2:39 : Killing a Pharah is good.  Killing a Pharah while her Mercy is hooked up with the gold beam is better, discord orb or no.

The Bastion takedown was orchestrated with my team.  We were mostly all on mics, so I was calling out the Bastion's existence on the point as I climbed the stairs to the high ground.  "Don't worry about the Bastion, I'm about to take him out," I told them.  "Just let me get eyes on him."  (And even so, you can see in the kill feed that my brother went ahead and lost his mech to the thing anyway.)

The moment I stuck him, before it blew, I told them he was dead and cheers went up.  Thank God their Zarya didn't barrier him and make a liar out of me.  I stuck him again, later, the moment he popped his ult, but Zarya saved him from that one :(

Also can you believe Rein and I picked that Torb in the middle of a Transendence?  Transendence heals 300 health per second, and he had the Harmony orb on him - and one swing from Rein and a perfect clip of headshots from this little Tracer..?  Noice.

2:39 - 2:58 : This is the most beautiful clip I've ever gotten on another Tracer.  They're not hard to hit when they're runnin' right for you, or runnin' away from you in a straight line, but this beautiful horizontal slide - with a single clip?  Muah.

And then Pharah again!

2:59 - 3:30 : I went Tracer on attack, but we couldn't take point B.  It was a little crushing - but, again, fucking up a Torb's day (and his ult) is... very.  Satisfying.

On Defense I'm ashamed to say I made an absolute fool out of myself on Sym.  We were at the choke, and I had just died.

"My ultimate is ready!" I emote, signalling that I'm ready to drop my Teleporter.

Our Mercy immediately rezzes me in response.  The thing was... the enemy Mercy was right in front of me.  I... couldn't resist.  I went for her, walked past the choke and immediately died.

"Understood," Mercy emotes.


We lost Point A (not because of that little slip-up, thank goodness), but full-held point B between my brother's Torb, my Shield Generator (which they never killed, for some reason), and a solid team.

Five losses.  Four wins.  One draw.  (I didn't hit the share button for at least two of the matches - one loss and one win, and almost the entirety of my Tracer Hanamura attack.)


I didn't even look at the number, at first.  I saw silver and was like "well, okay, it's better than Bronze!"

And then I looked at the number.

That's... a career high by a good two hundred SR.  That's... approaching striking distance of Diamond.  Don't get ahead of yourself, Chance.  Don't go there.  You're a high Gold player who got lucky.

Fuuuuuck yes.

"What did you get?" my brother asked.  My heart sank.

"What did you get?" I shot back.

I popped out to the menus.  Selected "play."  Looked at the Competitive button.  It had a lock over it.

"Fourteen eighty-three," he said.

"Twenty-seven fifteen."


"I got twenty-seven fifteen."

Fuck sakes.

...still...  ...twenty-seven fifteen.  Holy shit.  I mean it ain't much compared to the Masters and the Grandmasters and the top 500s, but...

Holy shit.

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