Saturday, September 9, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 44 - Last Resort & Spa.

I hope you like it ^.^

0:00 - 0:36 : Excellent situational awareness on the part of yours truly!  If you listen closely, you can hear why I bail on my Hanzo and leap over the boxes - Doomfist charging up his punch behind me.  It hits Hanzo instead, and sends him flying away.   I can't get to him in time, and Reaper, Doomfist and Hanzo have all descended upon him and Symmetra.

The Reaper comes for me, thinking he's got himself a sweet Mercy pick but I use Hanzo's corpse to zip away.  They've killed Sym and, as Reaper turns around to come back for me, he suddenly sees a Mercy unloading her pistol at him with a Hanzo and Sym backing her up.

The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.

0:36 - 0:56 : A helluva Soldier pick to begin a defensive push on Hanamura.  I'm not a fan of being the solo support on a defense, but this sequence nicely illustrates what Mercy can do in the right situation - zip in where no one expects, pop off a few shots to finish off a low-health enemy, and zip back out.  Double kill.

0:56 - 1:05 : It's not that funny, I've been that Tracer - and Mercy's a small target to stick!  But it's definitely still funny.

1:05 - 1:28 : This is when I decided to make a Mercy clip show.  It's also an interesting demonstration of what I might be able to pull off once the Valkyrie update happens.

I think it's pretty funny when I turn slowly to my side as I soar up off the bounce pad, and note the Golden Gun McCree - and equally funny when he starts looking around him on the ground for whatever the heck is hundred-percenting him.  And the Tracer!  Double kill.

1:50 - 2:08 : When playing Mercy, you end up with a sixth sense for when a push is about to fail and everyone's gonna' die.  My brother, on Bastion, dying is a good first step towards that conclusion - the D.Va letting herself get chewed up and spit out doesn't hurt either, but note that the Soldier is getting serious work done - two picks before he even gets on the point!

But there's no way I'll be able to heal through the damage the Reaper coming in behind him will put out, so I switch to the pistol, put in the damage our D.Va needs to finish the Tracer and hundred percent the Reaper before bailing safely back to my team.

Coulda' been worse..?

2:08 - 2:28 : An overly-aggressive defensive push on Gibraltar, mostly egged on by our very-aggressive Sombra.  Maybe if I'd been paying attention to my McCree instead of trying to heal her up he would've survived, but let's count it off:
  • 64% of the Zenyatta (plus rezzing McCree)
  • 61% of the Mercy and the killing blow. 
  • 19% of the Doomfist, and the killing blow.  

2:46 - 3:06 : From the Anubis defense of my placement matches.  A lucky barrage headshots the Tracer, and further aggression gets 64% of the Mercy.  Genji and I threaten the Zarya back, and that's a solid defensive push. 


3:06 - 3:10 : This remains my favorite Mercy kill of all time - from my first-ever clip show, back before I started adding music to 'em.  Even more than that Soldier on Dorado from the Three Fingers Clip Show - so I like throwing it in every time I make a Mercy Clip Show. 

3:10 - 3:32 : Remember when the Tracer misses me with her Pulse Bomb earlier in the show, and I waved at her, and that wave transitioned into a wave on Oasis before the flying-McCree+Tracer-doublekill.

This is who I was waving at.  I'd gotten the killing blow on this Sombra twice earlier in the match, and this out-and-out duel was the climax of our brief relationship.

In hindsight, I should not have rezzed.  I didn't need to - Sombra was out of ammo and needed to reload, which would have granted me the same protection as the Rez, and I really coulda' used that Rez when the Reaper ulted when I went flying after the McCree.

Live and learn!

I do.  I do want some guns. 

3:32 - 3:50 : Another poor Rez.  Not only do I bring McCree and Hanzo back after the payload hits the checkpoint, McCree is only able to pick the Soldier before their Tracer kills him.  Our Mercy picks the Hanzo (hah!), Sombra finishes off the Zen (that I got half of!) and I get the killing blow and 63% of their Tracer.

Picking a Tracer on Mercy is up there with Genji and - of course - the enemy Mercy.

And that's our show!

But here's a blast from the past I've wanted to repost lately.  Remember when Alex wiped a team on Dorado?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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