Saturday, September 16, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 45 - Unsound (Friday Night 4v4 With Alex)

Alex and I had plans all week to play Overwatch together on Friday night.  We didn't discuss if we wanted to do quickplay or comp or arcade, and our first few matches were just some QP jazz (where we did quite well, thank you very much).  I believe my skill has drastically improved to the point that I'm pretty much back to where I was when I made Believer - I'm winning more games, I'm getting more medals and elims and less deaths on Tracer - but this weirdly seems to have translated into a massive reduction in my ability to score PotGs.

Oh, and before we begin, I wanna' say that I usually tinker and work on a video over the course of like a week, and this one was thrown together in a little over an hour this afternoon because (1) I didn't have a traditional Clip Show in the chamber for this weekend and (2) I was really excited at the thought of putting together a Clip Show of Alex and I kicking ass in deathmatch.

Clip Show 45 - Unsound (Friday Night 4v4 With Alex) from David Ferber on Vimeo.

0:00 - 0:35 : The only PotG I've scored lately is the Mercy one that starts our show.  Our Sym's teleporter had just gone down, and I emoted that my ult was ready - but I wasn't prepared to blow it on a solo rez, even for the D.Va (our only tank).  The D.Va was doing fine work!  But we were being carried by the combination of the Symmetra (who got her ult insanely fast), the Widow and Alex on Soldier, and the important thing was keeping the whole team up and running while Sym got her tele back.

This was a very hard rez to score.  I had mere frames of time in which my Guardian Angel had me perfectly between dead Alex on the high ground and dead Sym on the payload, and instead of pulling my pistol to go for elims (as is my custom!) I had to get back to the Widow to top her health off.  I love playing with a good Widow, as Mercy.  She favors the high ground, so she functions as a Pharah, for me - a high point I can reliably flit away to to stay out of the team fight while keeping my eyes on everyone below - more reliable than a Pharah, really, 'cause you never know where they are.

From the Widow's perspective, I get the sense (from how often they emote their appreciation) that they aren't often healed and buffed by Mercys, and the blue beam turns a Widow's already sizable damage output into something approaching OP.

She sent me a friend request after the match.  Feels good.

0:35 - 0:56 : The great majority of our evening want spent in pursuit of loot boxes - which can be most-quickly obtained by winning Arcade matches.  Lately the most interesting thing in the Arcade is Deathmatch - free-for-all or team - and Alex and I did like eight or nine rounds of 4v4 team deathmatch.  He was usually on Soldier, but this first round finds him on Lucio - and it was an incredible round, but we'll get to that later.

I had just finished bailing for a health pack when I walked past a newly-spawned enemy Bastion who... completely ignores me as I grab the health pack, come up behind him and empty my guns into his big glowing weak point.  I hang back while Doomfist lands his ult and just barely manages to pick Alex, but he was perfectly positioned for me to fly in and stick him with the bomb.  Hiya!

0:56 - 1:10 : This was one of only two losses we suffered in 4v4 last night.  I remarked to Alex that I couldn't believe the reds were employing such a cheesy comp - Pharah + Mercy + Bastion - and that I further couldn't believe that it was fucking working, but I got my licks in.  More on this particular Bastion later.

1:10 - 1:27 : The Hanzo is the carry, here, but he's a lot less threatening without the Mercy - so she's my priority.  Getting the killing blow on a Junk as he flies through the air?  Well that's just delicious.

1:33 - 1:40 : Back on that incredible Hanamura game, one of the best counters to Tracer is another Tracer, who can chase me down once I've burned my rewind and am at my most vulnerable.  When the reds pull out a Tracer in response to mine, I've found the best response to that is to aim very, very carefully, and leave her very, very intimidated.

This one immediately switched off.

2:01 - 2:06 : Once again, Mercy is the priority to weaken the Hanzo, and this is one of my lovelier Mercy picks, thank you very much.

2:11 - 2:39 : Unsound has been a favorite of mine since I was yay high, so I've always wanted to use it - but it doesn't have many long, slower sections I could fit a nice streak in to.  This run on Ecopoint Antarctica?  Very nice.  Picking a Hanzo twice is, ever, a pleasure.

2:39 - 2:50 : God, I love Mei ults so much.

2:54 - 3:06 : Alex scores a decisive PotG on Castillo!  I had to include it.

3:20 - 3:26 : Hahahahaha right out of the aiiiir, Junkrat!  Right out of the air!

3:26 - 3:53 : Back on that match we lose on Castillo.  Between the Pharah suppressing me from above, the oneshot potential of their Doomfist and the constant threat of the Bastion, I couldn't score enough quick picks to push us to victory - but you'll note I do do a fine job of keeping that Bastion shut the fuck down as the match approaches its end.

He musta' been so frustrated.  Honestly we're doing so well here I don't know why we didn't take it.

3:53 - 4:29 : The end of a spectacular match on Hanamura.  At this point, I've pulse bombed the Doomfist twice, his entire team has left at least once (and been backfilled), and he's had enough.  He's not even gonna' try any more.  He's just gonna' stand there, passively, while I melee him in the face over and over.

This was our most decisive victory of the evening, and one with perhaps the most unorthodox 4v4 team comp.  Two tanks, one support, one DPS.  We had an excellent Roadhog, a solid D.Va, Alex on Lucio and yours truly on Tracer.  Alex spent most of our matches last night on Soldier, but he's Lucio in the video thumbnail because he's also Lucio in my head.

Alex, I want you to know, you're a really good Lucio.  (I mean, you're good on Soldier too, but...) there were probably a half-dozen times last night where I remarked to myself that "man, this Lucio is just a rock, he's always there when I need him and - oh wait that's Alex!"

Playing team deathmatch is as much about killing the enemy team as it is not being killed yourself - as every death of yours is a point for the other team.  In this match, between playing almost-excessively conservatively and retreating for health packs constantly, the incredible killing ability of our Roadhog and Alex's constant support, I didn't die.  I went 18 and 0 in a deathmatch.

Feels good. I was The Tracer Who Wouldn't Die.

4:29 - 4:53 : Finally, the last push of this Gibraltar attack from earlier in the evening was enitrely won by Alex's perfectly-timed Transendence. While our DPS duke it out off the point, Alex on Zen and I on Mercy move on the payload.  In a desperate bid to sweep us off, the red Soldier pops his Visor - we're fucked - until Alex experiences tranquility, and saves the day.

It was a really, really good evening of Overwatch.  Except that deathmatch on Volskaya where we could never counter that fucking Torb, that was deeply embarrassing to me.


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    1. After being speed buffed by Alex's Lucio, my old football injury has vanished! My skin cleared up, and Suzy from finance asked me to the Spring Fling!

      Yes, Alex's Lucio! Get yours today!

  2. Wait... THAT Suzy? Damn. I mean,god DAMN. Noice.

    1. Jealous colleague: What's your secret?

      Chance: I'll never tell! (Big wink to the camera.)