Saturday, September 23, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 46 - Big Iron.

This week's clip show is made up almost entirely from games last night.  Alex and I had plans to play, you see, but he then advised that he had found himself quite ill, in no small part due to the alcohol-based gifts he'd received for his birthday (happy birthday, Alex!).  I relented and suffered through some solo que, but an hour or so later Chamberlain emails me to let me know that he's "unspeakably bad" at Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.  I emailed him and Alex and suggest that we could all be unspeakably bad at Overwatch together.

We dove into the 4v4 deathmatches that Alex and I had so much fun with last week.  Were better than bad, and I spent almost every match on Mercy, supporting Alex's Orisa (a new love he's discovered) and Chamberlain's Bastion.

Here's a YouTube mirror if you prefer.

Of note -

1:33 - 2:13 : This is my best example of what can be accomplished with Mercy's new ult.  I very rarely draw the pistol during it - as effective as that can definitely be - but instead use it to score the most rezzes I can, and support a successful push or stop an enemy's from being successful.

So this is how you get 4 rezzes with Valkyrie.  Pop rez, start Valkyrie (which resets the cooldown on rez, and changes its cooldown to 10 seconds for Valkyrie's 20-second duration)), pop rez again and keep yourself and your team safe.  If an ally dies within the next 10 seconds? Rez.  Repeat.  Rez.

Note that I don't even pull the pistol during this Valkyrie - I pull it after, when I have a good angle on D.Va and Soldier.

3:00 - 3:20 : This clip is the impetus for this entire video.  I've had it, in the middle of a "variety show" of funny stuff happening with different heroes, since last weekend - it's from before the Valkyrie patch - but I love it so much.  This entire clip show began as nothing more than this clip, featuring this precise point of the song.

The rest of it only exists because last night went so well with the boys.

And that's our show!  Also worth noting, Alex scored an Orisa PotG...

And Chamberlain scored his first PotG!  It is, suitably, a very humble one in which he saves my ass and I'd never even noticed.

It actually reminds me very much of my first PotG, last year.  Those were some sweet-ass games last night, gentlemen.  Some sweet-ass games!

Oh, and also - if it's not evident from the gameplay, my feelings on the Valkyrie patch have become somewhat more robust since this week's podcast.  Gone are the days of the Huge Rez, never to return (I trust).

In its place is the ability to score almost as many rezzes as The Huge Rez across 20 seconds, in addition to better mobility and greater flexibility, the ability to hit tempo rezzes at crucial moments mid-push, and a teensy dose of greater offensive ability.

I fucking love this.  It's a buff to pretty much everything - most of all her fun factor.

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