Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Overwatch Clip Show 47 - Ooh 2 (Tracer's Junkertown Adventures).

It has been one week since Junkertown launched in Overwatch.  This coincided with the Valkyrie update for Mercy, so I've naturally spent the lion's share of my time on her. 


But Mercy isn't the best for exploring a map, learning all its nooks and crannies and where the health packs are, so naturally I spent a bit of time on Tracer - and this clip show is exclusively Tracer, on Junkertown.  I really, really didn't want to use Ooh by the Scissor Sisters for this one - that's a special Tracer song, in my special Tracer heart, and I want to one day use it for The Ultimate Tracer Clip Show - and this is not that.  But it just kinda' works, so I rolled with it.

Clip Show 47 - Ooh 2  (Tracer's Junkertown Adventures) from David Ferber on Vimeo.

YouTube, if you prefer.

0:00 - 0:13 : This is the last thirteen seconds of over a minute of footage that I wanted to include, but I found it relatively boring.  That full minute is essentially me darting around this Roadhog, giving him guff while his Ana and Mercy both back him up - impossible for me to kill, obviously - but I imagine it was very frustrating for him that he, while backed up by his Ana and Mercy, was unable to kill me.  Nyah nyah!

0:13 - 0:45 : Observe, what a Tracer can accomplish when she is completely ignored by the enemy team.  I'm dancing on your payload and you still don't deal with me.  (To be honest, I was dancing on the payload because I saw that half of my team was dead and we were in overtime, so I assumed the match was over - it was not!)  So I jumped off and nabbed the Bastion (again) and the Hog.

1:10 - 1:15 : Oh God that's delicious.  This is the same Hog from the beginning of the vid.  It's a different proposition when you don't have two healers backing you up, isn't it Roadie?

1:35 - 1:42 : I've read a lot of forum posts lately, talking about how Mercy is essentially invincible once she activates Valkyrie.  This is, for the record, bullshit.  I've been instantly shut down by Junkrats when I pop Valkyrie, who're willing to burn their mines to blow me out of the sky, I've been solo-ulted by McCrees and Soldiers - it's very doable, is what I'm saying - and if you pop Valkyrie at low health, as this Mercy does, one of two things will happen.

One - you will fly up into the air, your health regen will get you into a comfy spot and you'll be able to happily support your team.

Two - it's too late, your health is too low and 20 health per second is not much, and not enough to see you through even a modicum of further well-placed damage.

Killing an ulting Mercy with a melee?  Oh man that's yummy.  Question: what does it take to get an Ult Shutdown on a Mercy?

2:02 - 2:17 : I just really love the Mercy pick here.  She has no idea I'm there, I leap off the stairs and pick her before I hit the ground.  Lovely.

2:18 - 2:48 : This Tracer - Sands_of_Lebanon - was after me all match, but rarely got the better of me.  She was good!  But I was just a bit more patient, and a bit more willing to let her come to me.  Lovely headshots, there.

2:48 - 3:03 : Sands_of_Lebanon thinks she's got my number once I knock her D.Va out of mech and go running for a health pack.  This is, to her credit, usually a pretty good time to nab a Tracer!  You're not looking behind you when you run for a health pack, but I still had my rewind, I had a lot of blinks - I was feeling confident.

I nab the mega health pack and let her scratch me up as I return the favor, cutting her down to half.  She rewinds.  I do not.  I use a couple blinks to position myself next to the small health pack, and let her come for me again, making her a very easy shot.  And that's how you use health packs to kick someone's ass.

3:03 - 3:13 : One of the things I enjoy about the Mercy rework is that people get rezzed a lot.  When someone gets rezzed, they're locked in place for one second - making them excellent targets for a pulse bomb.  The fact that Mercy is burning her Valkyrie and gets caught in the blast (and is blown straight upwards) is icing on the cake.

Wait, no, getting another pick on Sands_of_Lebanon is the icing on the cake.  Mercy's just cake.

3:13 - 3:40 : A wonderful first push on attack, and my feeling is it's entirely off the back of our Winston.  I get the Ana and the Hanzo (their Mercy immediately rezzes the Ana), and the rest is just staying alive and adding my DPS to my team's.  I love the last few moments of this clip, as I circle around from behind the enemy line as they retreat from my Winston's onslaught into their front as they continue to backpedal.  Winston gets the killing blows on their Tracer and D.Va, I finish off Ana (again), and that's all she wrote.  You're welcome, Winston!

Annd then I have to see that Hog melee kill again.  Little is more triumphant than killing a Rein, Winston, Hog or Orisa with a melee.  That is very, very sexy.  Like Kill la Kill sexy.


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